Big girls (don’t cry)

Porcelan Moulded T-shirt bra by Panache

I am part of a facebook group with the purpose of discussing anything. I find it amazing to have the opportunity to know what other people think about the topics we present, and today I asked man and women how they felt about lingerie, generally. As it always happen, the discussion went somewhere else and before I could say anything about it, I had girls complaining they didn’t find bras that fitted their big breasts.

First of all, I’d like to say how Brazil sells it’s sutiãs (bras. The word in portuguese, comes, as you might imagine, from the french soutien-gorge). Our sizes usually range from 38 (US 28) to 54 (US 44), based on this little chart from a brazilian lingerie website. And that’s it. If you don’t live in Brazil, I bet you are asking yourself “How about the bust size?” and here’s the answer to it: we don’t have bust size. We have bra size. By not using bust sizes, the stores, designers and general companies responsible for making the bras assume that the brazilian women that have small backs can’t have big breasts and vice-versa. And that’s so obviously ridiculous that some companies started introducing the cup sizing, stating that the brazilian women could finally find the perfect bra. That’s nice, finally.

Now, my friends could find their ideal bras. But they want more that some products, they want inspiration, option and some nice online stores! So I thought that making a post about it was the perfect way to show them what they want to know.

To start the writing, I had to make a little research. I am a B cup, so it’s not hard to find something that fits nicely. As I scanned through articles talking about it, I laid my eyes on two terms: full bust and plus size. Well, at first they seemed like the same thing, but soon I learned that full bust referred to the cup size (DD+) and plus size referred to the band size (38+ or, in brazilian terms, 48+). Since I got this straight, I was ready to move on to more reading. That’s when I read this article from The Lingerie Addict. It’s so informative and complete that it should be linked here, I thought.

If you feel too lazy to read the article mentioned above, I can list you the essential things a full busted woman should look for in a bra:

  1. Seams. Your should totally forget about seamless bras. Why? It’s actually pretty obvious when you think about it: you have some big, heavy, sexy breasts over there, girl! Fabric itself is probably not enough to give the support you need to look gorgeous underneath clothing.
  2. Straps that merge into the back. When your bra straps are not only sewn on bands but merge into the back, so the weight can be distributed all over and not only on two stressed points. Besides, the elasticity have more control, and these are two important things if you want to keep everything up in the air.

That said, I will post this video ad (linked on another article by The Lingerie Addict on plus size women) to get everybody in the mood. Are you on the right mood? Great! Here are some of the online boutiques that featured pretty amazing details, pieces and designs. I never wore any of these because, as stated above, I wear a B cup. But if you are a full bust girl, what about taking a look at the products?

  1. Panache. Their bras look so amazing that I wished to be a full busted woman, for a moment. Ranging from the playful (Cleo line) to the sexy, featuring sports bras and swimwear, they surely make lingerie look fun (and that’s what life’s all about, right?). 
  2. Freya. More romantic and flirty, their bras look extremely cute and might be a great try if you like wearing light-colored clothes without having to go with the classic plain-nude-bra underneath. And they have this amazing FAQ section!
  3. Miss Mandalay. From basic to amazing. They have some options for the women, whichever full bust size they have. I loved the colors and materials.
  4. Masquerade. From the same company responsible for the Panache and the Cleo line, this is a more sophisticated range of products, made for the women who love and care about nice garments. And it’s so sexy, I must say.

I wasn’t going to add this note, but well… why not? I may not have full bust, but I decided that, over all the options I saw on the links above, this one is my favourite: Cleo by Panache’s Meg Balconnet Bra. The navy, the birds (I have a thing on birds, I even have one tattooed over my ribs) and the red… I’m passionate about it.
Last but not least, since I wrote this to help some brazilian friends ans said that the brazilian sizing was not accurate, I think it’s fair enough to include here a bra size calculator. It’s very useful if you plan to buy any bra via internet or if you intend to get inside a store already knowing what to look for (but, if you have the chance, never forget to try it on, so you can feel how it truly fits).

Busty women deserve, as much as any other women, the right to know and find out for herself what fits better – but given all this information, I hope it gets easier for my friends, you, your friends and anyone to find the support they might need. After all, not even your best friend can give you the kind of support a perfectly-fitted bra gives.

Do you have any other tips or information concerning full busted or plus sized undergarments? Do you have any other doubts?  

Big girls (don’t cry)

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