With a Chest Wide Open

That’s the name of the group I just discovered, with a beautiful action. This post will contain pieces of texts originally in portuguese, which I’ll translate freely.


Alessandra, from São Paulo, was left by her husband, but received love and support from her daughters and her family.

When a woman finds out she has breast cancer, not only her physical health is in trouble. Specially in today’s society, females spend too much time caring about whether they fit in what’s considered “beauty”, and the ones who must be submitted to breast cancer surgeries end up losing some of their beauty elements: breasts, hair, the possibility to become a mother and their libido. It’s very hard.

So, De Peito Aberto (With a Chest Wide Open in a free translation) became, a sociocultural project, made of a photographic exposition and interactive talks, telling the story of more than 70 women from Brazil, USA and Europe, between 18 and 70 and their fight against breast cancer, the one with higher incidence among women

It’s an unique project, because of their artistic and humanistic approach that highlights how the way patients, family and health professionals treat the disease can change the results of the treatment – specially in psychological terms.

That’s pretty and everything, you might think, but what it has to do with lingerie?

They are making a petition. It’s hard to find a bra for women who were forced to remove a breast, specially a beautiful one. With the help of the signatures, they are willing to convince some of the largest companies to find a way to make a bra for them to feel confortable and to help them have their self-esteem raised, once again.

Maria Cristina, from Belo Horizonte, has won the battle against cancer two times and won plenty of medal for running!

And yes, you can help them! By signing the petition mentioned above or just by spreading the word around! I wish I had the knowledge to help them, but I bet some designers around the globe have more than enough. Let us find them!


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