Talking Burlesque

Some days ago, I had two of my greatest friends telling me that they would love to read something in my blog about Dita von Teese. Of course, I thought, she is amazing. But what could I say about her besides that she is about to launch her own lingerie and fragrance collection? Don’t get me wrong, I love her and think that she is the personification of the word glamour. But I didn’t want to waste my space telling things they could find in wikipedia. So I decided to give my view in burlesque.

I’m no expert, but… I stopped my thought right there. Since I’m not specialized in burlesque, nor anything related to it, maybe I could try to reach someone who was. Searching for a brazilian burlesque performer, I found Juli Poiret and instantly fell in love with her style. So, I asked her to say a few words about her story and how she sees burlesque. And here’s what she told me (translated from portuguese):

Juli showing off her pin-up beauty
Juli showing off her pin-up beauty

“I can’t say exactly how it began, but I can clearly say when the desire appeared. On Christmas 2011 I got from my stepfather, as a gift, a book he knew I wanted for a long time: Burlesque and the Art of Teese, by the superstar Dita von Teese. I thought the bok was only photographs, but was surprised to notice that it had, in a simple text, a bit about the history of burlesque and and it’s roots on european comedy and the american vaudeville success. I confess that, although I was already familiar with it’s aesthetic, I was completely ignorant of it’s history! And this was the point from which I could search for more accurate references in music and movies, besides discovering lots of other books dedicated to this subject.

From theory to practical there were a few months. I studied classical ballet for some years but gave up before graduating, dedicating myself to belly dance. Then I stopped it, too. As a matter of fact, I haven’t danced in 5 years and didn’t know where to start on burlesque dancing until an acquaintance, who was organizing a party, asked if I could dance there. Knowing that nothing of this kind had ever been presented here, in Curitiba, I accepted without hesitation! 

One of her presentations (I loved her costume!)
One of her presentations (I loved her costume!)

At that party, it as pretty improvised, and I had a little more than a week to choose a song and rehearse the routine, and by that time it didn’t pass through my mind to strip tease during the presentation. I bought long gloves, borrowed a corset and went to move to the sound of My Heart Belongs to Daddy, by Eartha Kitt, to a full bar. And well… it worked! In about a month I had the invitation to another party, then one more, then the next one…

The burlesque has, for me, this character of having the courage to show off, since yourself give the reading to it. If you show safety with your body, the costumes and the movements you make, this is the impression that will mark who’s watching. Also, you can theatricalize some aspects in the form of some characters who amuse and enrich the presentation”


I can never decide either burlesque performers make fun sexy or make sexy fun. A lot of people take sexy seriously and end up not enjoying it as much as it should be enjoyed, and let’s face it… being sexy should be something to have fun with. I know that I love it, and the vintage style lingerie is becoming a passion, I wish I was dressed everyday with it.

I could, if I had the money to buy it all I saved the time to replace all my old pieces with new ones. And these are some ideas, if you have the same urge to dress up and dance in front of the mirror or if you just love the style!

Lucy B
Lucy B

If you wanna look really burlesque

  1. Faire Frou Frou’s Marabou Powder Puff – $60
  2. Ophelia Fancy’s Overbust Corset – $372 at Faire Frou Frou 
  3. Agent Provocateur’s Heart Pasties – $90
  4. Agent Provocateur’s Long Satin Gloves – $190
  5. Playful Promises’ Frilly Knickers – £10

If you just wanna incorporate burlesque on your everyday activities

  1. Hanky Panky’s Illusion Peek-a-boo Bralette – $48 at Journelle
  2. Dottie’s Delights’ Good N Plenty Panty – $80
  3. Lucy B’s Hardware Bullet Bra – $54
  4. Playful Promises’ Frilly Brief with Satin Bow – £10 at Asos
  5. Agent Provocateur’s Fully Fashioned Stocking – $90
Talking Burlesque

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