I’m in love with Claire Pettibone

It’s true. I usually say “If I could get married to anything I’d be married to…” but I can’t say that referring to Claire Pettibone’s lingerie designs. Because I am talking specifically about her Heilroom collection. And I hve to say I’d love to get married in one of her pieces.

"La Scala" in franch lace and tulle
“La Scala” in hand clipped french lace and tulle with Swarovski crystals

The way she tells a story in her website, sharing with us not only her taste for vintage-inspired pieces but for every object’s past. The value of each one’s memory, attached to objects and the fine details in them seem to inspire the designer, resulting in amazingly beautiful luxury robes, panties, tops…

"Cacharel" in french lace and silk ribbons and flowers
“Cacharel” in french lace and silk ribbons and flowers

Even her lookbook seems like an antique book, full of feminine and delicate fabrics. The photos match perfectly with the style adopted, seeming pure, calm and fragile. The sense of beauty in the details, the lace… it’s fantastic. I just discovered this amazing artist (she designs bridal desses as well) and I feel like her inspiration will be extremely important throughout my whole process of acquiring knowledge to be a lingerie designer. I am happy to have discovered these precious little pictures.

"Jardin" in
“Jardin”. Chinoisiere roses embroidered on tulle with beaded chain appliques.

The second thing I love the most in fashion design is bridal dresses, so no wonder I fell in love with her style and her details.

How do you feel about the blush colors and fine lingerie?

I’m in love with Claire Pettibone

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