One thing I love about fashion is the way things can be mixed up and new pieces are made from already existing ideas, materials and concepts. But, although this is something I always keep in mind, I have never thought that lingerie was the kind of piece that could be mixed up with… leather.

Mint Siren leather lingerie featured on Lost in Lingerie
Mint Siren leather lingerie featured on Lost in Lingerie

I love anything that can add roughness to delicate styles. Since undergarments are often very delicate, I was fascinated that someone actually had the ways to make luxurious and sexy pieces with this material. But I am completely in love with how it must feel against the body and under the clothes.

I’ve seen, in my lingerie researches, quite a few accessories sold by the brands that used leather as it’s main material. They are amazing, of course, and certainly add a lot to what you are wearing.

One of my favorites, the Darkest Star "The Cross" leather belt
One of my favorites, the Darkest Star “The Cross” leather belt

Darkest Star – The Cross Belt 

Bordelle – Leather Zip Cuff

Kiki de Montparnasse – Button Up Gloves

These are just some examples of a few of my favourite leather accessories related to underwear.

Anyway, besides all these little details, I found quite a few brands that sell actually leather-made lingerie. Yes, knickers and bras and garter belts… I fell in love (probably said it before, never enough words to express how I feel about it). And these were my two favorite, since they look pretty luxurious and even minimalistic, having the use of leather in different ways but both of them please me very, very much.


Mint Siren 

Detail of the leather
Detail of the leather

Yes, to show the details and because it was one of the reasons I adore the leather on it, I used the Lost in Lingerie pictures, with her authorization. They are amazing, and if you’d like to see more of them just check her blog, since I guess I should fill my post with only her pictures (although I’d like to). Anyway, the brand suggest leather on the straps and it looks fierce and very beautiful to me.

You can find everything related to it on their website.


Something Wicked

One of the pictures of their debut collection.
One of the pictures of their debut collection. I love it.

I must admit I love the concept of any clothing erotic-related. I don’t know, I guess maybe the notion of naughty being opposed to nice and the opportunity of being exactly what is considered “not nice” by the masses makes me feel good. Great, to be honest. And if I can reach this path by using some amazing underwear… well, what could be better? So, with pieces with great details, leather, all black and, well… naughty, Something Wicked certainly is one of my top favorite brands at the moment. I intend to buy something from them very soon, so I can actually feel how this goes throughout the day, but I am pretty certain it would be amazing to have these materials and ideas all over my body.

You can find any pieces or information you want right on their website!

Another great image featuring a great piece.
Another great image featuring a great piece.


So, what’s your opinion on leather, black and erotica themed lingerie? Does it please you?




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