Lazy Days

Miss Crofton. The best of laziness.

As much as I love getting all dressed up -with makeup and high heels- I am, in fact, a great mass of laziness. I adore long naps, lazy food and being lazy with other people. And although some lingerie can cause a bit of a trouble (this trouble is often related to some amazing perks, so it’s totally worth it), some of them are made to be easy, soft and relaxing. Or at least they look like it.

Unwired bras, soft fabrics, nice colors. I can totally relate to that on a lazy day like today. Along with a nice cup of green tea with lemon (my favourite) and light biscuits or maybe a latte and a big piece of chocolate (I’ll go for this one), these are some pieces I feel in love when talking about getting wrapped up in a blanket and listening to my favourite band (which is, just so you know a little more about me, Belle & Sebastian)

“The sun is up, the sky is blue…” Fleur of England can make any day bright.

Fleur of England Lemon Cello Babydoll – £128

Eberjey Madeleine Bralet – $55

Stella McCartney Clara Whispering Shorts – $105

Topshop Mini Panty (any of them, they are amazingly comfortable and pretty) – £4

Lazy and misterious (and beautiful) Miss Crofton.

Miss Crofton Rhosyn Lingerie Set – £45

Mc Lounge Silk Chiffon Gown – £170 @The Lingerie Collective

Victoria’s Secret Afterhours Satin Pijamas – $69,50 (I love the red and pink one, so pretty!)


So, I guess I should get some rest now, since I am still feeling lazy and tomorrow I have plenty of things to do (and none of them relates to resting). I hope the pieces I chose today brought you a grin and I leave you all with this nice picture of a bed and a cup of latte:

I know it doesn’t have a direct relation to lingerie but it makes me smile and that’s reasonable enough to put in my blog.

Today’s post was a little relaxed, so I hope you enjoyed my good mood and the lingerie!

Lazy Days

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