This week, as I was scrolling through facebook, I saw a image announcing that Tulli was about to show their lingerie, which is mostly sold online, on a little store near my college. And they announced how they would serve champagne and brigadeiro, which is the best sweet ever. Irresistible, I had to go there.

You see, even though I loved their stuff on the website, it’s amazing to have the opportunity to touch the materials and see the actual color and the sizes. That’s what I did: I arrived there, alone, and started touching and feeling everything. It must sound weird but everything was so lovely!

Holy lingerie! Everything was so pretty!

By talking with Carol, the designer, I found out her motivation to start deigning panties: she couldn’t find anything cute enough to feel beautiful but comfortable enough to wear everyday. At least not here in Brazil (If you are not aware, let me explain something: we have plenty of customs taxes here and we can’t import any item that costs more than $50 without paying those high taxes). So, as a fashion designer, she decides to make some herself.

“They are delicate and sensual just enough, bringing curiosity and desire. Made specially to the occasions when you wanna wear nothing but this piece” That is what was written on one of their tags. Of course, I knew that since I bought a piece!

I bought this. It’s babydoll style, it has a nice colour, it has bows. It’s perfect.

With lots of beautiful lace, satin and colors, it’s clear that Tulli is a nice step forward on the brazilian lingerie market. Since the brazilian woman (not all of them, but most of) is not used to luxury lingerie or to wearing materials like lace on an everyday basis, the brand develops a nice work on bringing this to our eyes (and, I must state, with a totally accessible price!). They divide their pieces (besides the cute and beautiful panties, they have some tops and babydolls) in three lines: Basic, Fun and Special.

Not only this is wonderful, but they have a special plan for women who want to receive their panties without having to go out or who like the surprise factor. I was personally excited about the surprise factor. So, here’s how it works: you state whether you like thongs or not and they will send you one different piece every month – and they end up costing even cheaper than buying separately!

I loved this one, too. The colors are so suitable with spring fashion!

So, what you think about the pieces? Would you apply to the one-panty-a-month plan or do you prefer to go to the store and buy it separately? 

*special thanks to Carol, who was so sweet to me and let me take these pictures!


2 thoughts on “Tulli

  1. When I buy panties it is usually unplanned and based on seeing it and falling in love with a pair. I love shopping so having someone else choose them for me would spoil the fun of shopping and discovering.

    1. I totally understand your opinion. As it is cheap lingerie (it goes about 20 dollars a piece), and they are nice, I would give a try. But I agree with you, it’s nice to fall in love with lingerie!

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