Good day, sunshine!

Yesterday was a holiday over here, Saint George’s day (or São Jorge, as we call it). It was a beautiful, sunny day, and as I live very near to the beach, I thought I could hang out there for a while. Drawing and thinking about what should I write, this passed in front of me, something that happens every time I go to the beach.

It’s cheap, I love the patterns and they fit beautifully.

Although we have these bikinis, sold at the beach, at a very popular price (and they are amazing, really!), we do have more sophisticated brands. Brazilians, as you must imagine, has a unique bikini fashion sense. We wear swimwear that is smaller on the back, I can bet you know this. Some may think we show too much, but it’s part of our culture.

This bikini, by the brazilian brand Blue Man, should be available by November. I can’t wait!

Anyway, since summer is coming to half of the world (and since it seems to be always summer, here), I thought I could choose some of the best swimwear pieces that have been presented.

Here they go:

– OYE Swimwear Shaw Commercial maillot – $350

OYE Swimwear has my favorite onepieces. If only they were cheaper!

This season I’m totally in the mood for onepieces. Specially if they have some detail that makes it different from everything else. I haven’t seen anything like this around here, so I guess I’d be the only one looking this cool on the sand.

– Kriss Soonik Gone-Tanning bikini top – €65

It’s something that totally fits every beach in the world.

Kriss Soonik just -literally just- released it’s debut swimwear collection. This top was my favourite, because I could wear it with black or golden (or any other color, to be honest) bottoms. Even the ones I buy at the beach, as you saw on the first image! And the straps are so versatile!

– Victoria’s Secret ruched-back bikini bottom ($18,50-24,50) and triangle halter top ($26,50-32,50)

I really think the PINK section is pretty fun!

So, yes, I reckon that Victoria’s Secret follows the totally american standarts when talking about bikini. Still, this one looks simple-but-lovely. Specially the one featured on the picture, with all this sparkle. And the ruched-back bottom comes in between the american and the brazilian bikinis, I guess. I’d wear this.

These were some of the pieces I likes the most. I really wish I found something vintage-inspired. When summer arrives here, I’m sure I’ll have many more alternatives, so I’ll be waiting until the end of the year to add more pieces to my small collection.

Did you like the pieces? Would you wear them all or you have some kind of preference? And, of course, what’s your opinion on the brazilian bikini? I’d love to know!


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