You’ve got the power

It’s lady Morgana, it’s Kiss me Deadly, it’s pretty and it’s feminist! Oh yeah!

I clearly showed my position last week when writing about how we should have fun and how this relates to luxury lingerie, without sexualizing them. How we should wear beautiful pieces on an everyday basis ans stop saving them to “special moments with someone else”. I didn’t realize how I contradicted myself until the day before yesterday.

At class, we were talking about clothes and the material used in every piece… eventually the conversation grew to undergarments (it’s amazing how my friends find a way to talk about undergarments when I’m around!) and the whole french study about bra and sagging. My friend 1 started saying how my friend 2 never wore any bras and 2 said that she wore, but she prefers sports bras, that she liked to wear beautiful lingerie only in special occasions with her boyfriend.

This is H&M’s and it looks really cute and comfortable.

Oooh, my friend 1 looked at me, knowing how I was about to say that we shouldn’t sexualize lingerie and how we had the right to wear beautiful clothing everyday, etc etc. That’s exactly what I did, it’s kind of my modus operandi, but she looked at me and I suddenly shut up because I knew I was wrong.

I sit here by the computer talking to myself, reminding what my fight stands for. It stands for every woman being ok with herself, it stands for our right to choose whatever we want for ourselves. It stands for waxing (or shaving) if you want to or letting yourself natural if that’s your thing, it stands for wearing tons of makeup if that’s how you like yourself to look, for wearing clothes originally designed for men because they enjoy. I stand for anyone choosing whatever they want to choose and nobody having the right to say bad things about it just because their opinion is opposite. Of course this goes to pretty serious issues as well, such as religion, gay marriage, abortion… everything.


So, back to my friend 2 who wore sports bra to college and lingerie to her intimate moments, she was completely right. Right because she has the beautiful clothing, she knows her option to wear it or not… and she chooses not to. she feel good with what she chose and she is happy with herself. And plus, she really thinks her sports bras are very cute, which I must agree in some way!

Underwear can empower a woman. It can shape you, it can amaze someone else, it can work for your happiness. Either is by having your breasts free by the coice of not wearing it, either is by giving you the thrill to have something naughty or beautiful as a secret. And I feel it is my duty to remember everyone how they should be having fun underneath. Whatever this means to you.

For me, it means that I’m about to choose some beautiful lace garments to go out with my friends tonight, for her and for many other women it means not caring about what they are using on their everyday basis. For some, it’s g-strings, for many other, it’s boyshorts. And as long as I notice that people around me are happy enough to admit that they wear what they want when they want, I can assume that my only job is to provide them beautiful images and words, so they keep thinking I’m the nice lingerie blogger!

Either you wear it everyday or you would never buy it, we can all agree on Agent Provocateur, right?

Oh, and as mentioned above, my opinion on the french study -that suggests that bra won’t make your breasts firm, in fact it helps with sagging- is the following: Women, please accept your breasts will sag. Ok? Ok. Now, you have all these options on bras and it’s time to choose if you are about to wear luxury ones, sports ones, t-shit ones or no bra at all. Decide for yourself and be fine with it!

You’ve got the power

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