Let it be… fat.

So, I guess I say these things quite a lot in my personal life, but I thought it would be nice to write about them. Specially now that I found out about GabiFresh and ‘fatkini’ (she is launching a new collection, just so you know, and it looks amazing). I’ve read a lot of articles (like this one!) aiming to remind everyone that a “bikini body” does not exist and that every single woman out there is “ready for the summer”, but what I wanted to say was even more than it. It’s about acceptance.

The new collection by GabiFresh along with swimsuits4all and her beautiful bikini body.

First of all, there is something I must say: I am not a fat girl. As a matter of fact I have what is considered a “model’s body”. That is one reason I though I couldn’t talk about this issue, but it’s not true. I’ve been told several times “It’s very easy for you to say these things, because you don’t have to worry about your body at all”. For the last 3 years I’ve been in contact with all the aspects and people on the fashion industry, and let me tell you a secret – they do not make you feel beautiful. I’ve had trouble with eating for quite a while, and it was not good. I am not better or worse than anyone because my genetics lead me to have this specific body. And when you say that I can’t have my opinion concerning a specific theme just because I don’t know how it’s like to be fat, you are offending me.

On with the main subject, one thing I really feel that reflects the problems with body image is the way everybody seems to avoid the use of the word fat. In my opinion, the worst euphemism is overweight. Over which weight? If you are telling me that a specific person should -by health issues- have a certain weight and she is risking her health by having more weight than she naturally should, I can understand the use of the word overweight. And that’s it. Otherwise, just get used to fat. fat. FAT.

"Voluptuous" is a really nice word that evokes sexiness. But "fat" is nice, too! Is the context that matters.
“Voluptuous” is a really nice word that evokes sexiness. But “fat” is nice, too! Is the context that matters.

I was asked, when talking about it, “why would I call anyone fat in the first place”. The thing is, I don’t (and will never) support insulting someone. You don’t have the right to use the word fat as an insult. As you don’t have the right to use the word thin as an insult, or the word blonde, or black, or white, or anything else. But people go around discussing clothing and health all the time, and it’s ok to say someone is fat, it’s ok to say you are fat… if you are fat. When you avoid the word, what you are really saying is “It’s ok to be thin, but it’s not okay to be fat, in any way”. And it is ok. It is fine to be you, whatever it is. Acceptance is essential to a good relationship with yourself.

Oh, and just a little something: it’s not ok to consider yourself fat just because you couldn’t be walking the Victoria’s Secret runway – and that is because when you do this, you put the VS Angels in the position where skinny is right and fat is wrong, once again. And you are what you consider fat, therefore, you are wrong. Yes, runway models are skinny (and I could be discussing either this is right or not but that’s just not the point), but you have a different body. Not a different kind of body, a different body. And just think for yourself a little bit, now… it’s amazing to have a body, to feel, to be someone. Why would you not be proud about it!?

Some people like to use the health argument to justify why a woman should not be fat. Some people even say that “being fat is a choice”. Both of them are absolutely wrong and I guess I don’t even have to use a lot of words to say why. Health does not have an exact relation to body fat and every single person is born different from the others. Some like to say that being fat is ugly. Well… this is very personal, and such a bad thing to say! As I was searching through Pinterest to find pictures for this article, I found so many amazing, sexy, beautiful images that in any way I could categorize the women in them as “ugly”.

Is there any way someone could categorize something like this as ugly? Really?
Is there any way someone could categorize something like this as ugly? Really?

So, I get really upset when things like Abercrombie’s CEO states that he doesn’t want fat and ugly people wearing his clothes appear on the internet. I get really upset when I see friends judging other women just because they are different. And I feel like my contribution to a better world is to help people to accept themselves and everyone else around.  So, please, when you try to choose between “overweight”, “chubby” or “kind of big”, just quit the thinking and say, for me, loudly: fat. And proud.

Let it be… fat.

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