Should I get a corset?


I don’t own any corsets.

As I have a very small waist, I never thought about making it even smaller. Having worked as a model for some years, I thought I should look as flat as possible, and when you make your waist smaller, you make your hips bigger (in comparison with the waist, of course, but visually it is bigger). Models can’t have big hips, it’s the first thing they will measure.

Anyway, I don’t spend time trying to grow in a modeling career, anymore, since I am taking my life to another direction (and, if you follow me on twitter, you can see I spend a lot of time talking about sweets, fashion workers don’t usually eat that much). I am way happier without having to worry about my figure, just loving my body the way it is. But this weekend I passed through a corset store.

I was taking my brother to this rock and roll themed shopping area so that he could see some t-shirts, and there was this store. Not very big and not very pretty, but they sold some pre-made corsets, so I got in to try two. They did fit me very well and I loved the way my body looked. So I decided I should get a corset. I didn’t buy any from the store for 2 main reasons: 1- I didn’t know how they were made or anyone who bought from them, so I could not know if they were worth the price (about $125. It might sound cheap, but if they are not good quality, it can turn out to be very expensive). 2- I didn’t liked any. All of them had zippers on the front and I didn’t like the cleavages. So I decided to say ‘thank you’ and try to find another corset.

But I am a student. With low budget. So how could I find a nice corset without having to spend an enormous amount of money? Because you see, I really wish I could afford a nice corset by Madame Sher, but I’m not very used to the shape or using it all the time, so it wouldn’t make sense for me to spend all the money I could save on a perfect corset. I need to get a pre-made, somewhat cheap, beautiful corset. Reading and searching a little (this article by Treacle helped me a lot!), I found some options.


Playful Promises

Dominique corset, £75.

The Dominique corset seems to me like the best option. I am looking for something classic but beautiful, that can be work over black jeans or a pencil skirt. Of course it would be used as underwear as well, but I would rather have something that could be used both ways. One thing I like about Playful Promises is that they have a store, and I can probably try it on instead of having it delivered. For a first-time buyer, it is very important. And they have options with vintage stitch, which I love, too.

Temptation corset, with lace and vintage stitch, £75
Temptation corset, with lace and vintage stitch, £75


True Corset

Dita corset in black satin, £89.95
Dita corset in black satin, £89.95

Although True Corsets don’t have a store I could enter and see how I look before buying the piece, they have a nice range of classic black corsets and a very fast shipping, besides a nice return policy, which seems as good as store fitting. I loved the cleavage options and the prices are really good, as well. I just hope I learn how to lace myself before buying one… I gotta work on this, it can’t be too hard, right?

Curvy overbust in black satin, £79.95
Curvy overbust in black satin, £79.95


What katie Did

Storm corset, £179.50
Storm corset, £179.50

Very, very classic. I love the black options, but you can order in a nice range of different colors, so they have some options. And the different shapes are very appealing to me. The only thing that doesn’t seem good is how they say that the corsets are made to fit C-cups and above, since I am not, in any way, full busted. I will have to consider this (and the price, which is a little higher thean the others, but not very expensive). However, I loved them.

Back view of the Laurie Extreme corset, £205.50
Back view of the Laurie Extreme corset, £205.50

So, what do you think? Do you own any corsets? Do you like the shape of the waist in these pieces?




Should I get a corset?

6 thoughts on “Should I get a corset?

    1. I’m sorry you think it 😦 I actually thought it was really nice on the body and didn’t find it comfortable at all… maybe you should try a different boning, I guess? I’m not a specialist…

      Anyway, I really like how it looks, but if it does not please you, there’s no reason to wear one!

  1. Steffie D says:

    I have the Dominique corset. I love it, it looks so classy and sexy 🙂 but aren’t you looking for a steel-boned corset? Because this one is not…

    1. Oh, I guess I didn’t know they weren’t steel-boned.
      I know that steel-boning is better in a corset, but since I am not really looking for an extreme waist reduction, I guess I could get with the Dominique. Is it durable? This is my greatest concern.

  2. Try the Antoinette from What Katie Did , that is far better for smaller busts. Or go with an underbust corset, which is better yet – you can wear it as outerwear with a longline bra under, or pop it over a shirt and jeans. And they work very well under clothes when you want a wow-dress that needs a one shoulder bra or or a racer style back. Seriously, underbusts are a good starting place if you want to do any reduction beyond 2″ anyway, they’re a lot easier to get used to.

    1. Thanks for the tips! I will try them on, but since I’m not looking for a really extreme reduction, I may go directly to an overbust. I don’t know, guess I’ll just have to think about it for a while.
      Anyway, I will consider what you said, thanks a lot 🙂

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