Personal Project: Sewing and Cutting classes

So, you must have noticed that I’ve been away for some days. And for that I apologize, since I couldn’t even make a post saying I would be away. College is not very easy, you see, and I had plenty of work to do. I won’t start describing everything I did because… it gets really boring, believe me.

Anyway, I am still finishing my industrial design project (which is a way to help people trapped in a flooding get to a safer place, but it’s kinda boring to explain), but I’ve finished my fashion design project!

I’ve wrote about it when I was sketching, but now it’s the time to show the pictures of it finished, with great inspiration by The Fratellis.

Just please notice that I was very tired from sewing the whole night and I didn’t have time to buy stockings, so the suspenders act like a detail, although I plan to buy stockings for when I am about to wear this. I will wear for a costume party by the end of the month!

The complete work!
Details on the back.
The ruffles!
I made this little collar to match the outfit 🙂

So, there it is! It was hard, but everyone seems to like it when I show, and this makes me happy. Good enough for my first cutting and sewing project!

Finally, me on a polaroid because I am a polaroid addict (actually it’s a fujiroid but anyway).

Personal Project: Sewing and Cutting classes

6 thoughts on “Personal Project: Sewing and Cutting classes

  1. Very impressive and lovely! I so wish I could sew; I have a dress that I want to alter (make a long skirt into a short skirt with a bustle), and while I can gather it by hand to look exactly as I want, I have to idea how it translates into actual work. Seeing all the lovely ruffles/gathers in your skirt just fires me up more to get my own projects done! Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much! You should try to do it… in the beginning, I didn’t know how to do most things, but I asked some friends of my grandmother how to do those things and they helped me 🙂 Maybe looking at some youtube tutorials and testing on easy fabrics (plain ones, made of cotton with no stretching, are the best), so you reduce the risk of ruining your dress.

      Once you learn, it’s easy, I guarantee! 🙂 Please let me know how you go!

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