Lingerie Review: Miss Crofton

A while ago, I received a kind message from Georgia, designer of Miss Crofton, telling me I had won a little competition on her facebook page. That means I could choose one set for her to sew, specially for me. I was so glad!

After thinking for a while, I ended up choosing the Rhosyn Set – which they don’t carry anymore, I’m pretty sure that’s because the fabric is over. Since I am not very used to high-waisted panties, I asked for it low-rise.

Time passed and I got pretty worried about the package, since postal service in Brazil can get complicated, sometimes. But, after a few weeks, when I got home tired from college, there it was! I got very excited and started thinking about what was the perfect outfit to show up my new bra (I wasn’t about to show the panties in public, you know…)

Sheer black shirt and big glasses. Fit for a friday.
Sheer black shirt and big glasses. Fit for a friday.

The bra, as I was talking about it, was a very nice surprise. I am not used to non-wired bras… as a matter of fact I wear plenty of padded bras, because they make me feel nice. I am a fan of a nice cleavage, to be honest. So, as the Miss Crofton bra came, I had in mind that I would spend a whole day in college without wires. This can be good, if you think about it, but it’s pretty scary as well. Most women wear bras, specially wired and padded bras. Putting up soft lingerie under everyday clothing can be weird, if you are not used to it.

But I did it anyway. So, that morning, while drinking my usual homemade latte, I got dressed with the bra. And, for my surprise, it actually gave me a lot of support. My nipples didn’t feel exposed and I didn’t feel like my boobs were moving everywhere. It certainly made me even more proud to wear it and absolutely helped make my day better. Not even the terribly boring semiotic friday classes were boring anymore, because I had wonderful lingerie. See? This is the power of undergarments.

The bra. Soft, but supportive.
The bra. Soft, but supportive. And pretty.

The panties, with the same pattern, were absolutely lovely. Very soft, they made me want to have at least 5 of them -each one in a different pattern-, because wearing them felt so comfortable! The elastic was just tight enough to be comfortable without hurting me and it was as low-rised as my jeans.

Here in Brazil, we are not very used to panty backs covering every bit of our backs. Probably because that the style we wear at the beach, too. However, I couldn’t be happier about how the Rhosyn panties felt and looked on me. They were gorgeous!

Big coverage, big comfort.
Big coverage, big comfort.

So, I was delighted by this set, which will absolutely lead me to visit Georgia when I get to London, in a couple of weeks, and buy more. In different fabrics and patterns, because the prices are worth it and good lingerie is never enough.

Oh, yeah, and it totally matched my little swallow tattoo!
Oh, yeah, and it totally matched my little swallow tattoo!
Lingerie Review: Miss Crofton

12 thoughts on “Lingerie Review: Miss Crofton

  1. I love this, Manoela! I understand that feeling about wearing soft cups. I used to exclusively wear padded bras, too, since my chest is small — I felt like it balanced everything out. You should try Timpa. I find that the mesh of the cups give a really nice shape, but they do run a little small in the band. I usually wear the 34A. Let me know if you end up trying it!


    1. Exactly! Is not that I wanted bigger boobs, but somehow I feel I should be wearing padded bras. Anyway, I’m glad my mind is changing.
      It seems like a really good idea, where can I find these? I may try them on and tell you all about it!


  2. Lovely review! The print on that bra is very pretty. I’m glad you liked the set so much! I never wear soft cup bras because of my fuller bust, I need the support of an underwire, but I always find myself liking how pretty soft cups bras can be.

  3. gaiabathtime says:

    Go Miss Crofton… if you are young and firm even if you are large you can feel so comfortable in a Miss Crofton bra without the underwire! LOVE the frank and open comments by this blogger about her choice of undies! Its what you wear underneath that truly important!

  4. Mano, como você faz pra usar calça justa com essas calcinas que são “grandinhas”? Ou não usa? Eu adoro calcinhas assim mas elas marcam no jeans. Daí acabo usando fio dental, quase não tenho mais peças grandinhas, as que tenho só uso pra dormir mesmo :~

    1. Eu nao tenho muita bunda, entao nao marca muito. E eu nao me importo muito quando marca ahhahah uso o mesmo jeans sempre e ele não marca nao! ahhahaha Mas acho que o melhor nessas situaçoes é calcinha sem costura ou fio dental mesmo 😦

  5. Mateo says:

    I like how you match the pretty colours of the bra with your black top! The top is really pretty with the open back. So lovely to see you enjoying your lingerie as part of your outfit. This bra and her print should be seen!
    Looks great on you! And your confidence is really pretty!
    You rock Manoela

    1. Thank you so much, Mateo 🙂 Your sweet words are amazing to read, I will be doing more and more lingerie-outfit posts! My confidence boosts even more with comments like this!
      You rock, too!

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