Leicester, DMU and My First Bra


Well, here I am, back in Rio.

UK was amazing. Travelling is one of the things I love the most, but this one was specially fun. First, because I got to visit a small, lovely city. Second, because I met so many great, great people. And third because I learned how to make bras.

Leicester Castle and a lot of sunshine. You can totally tell that I fell in love with this particular construction.

I could spend a lot of time here writing about all of the things I’ve learned, things that took the concepts of bras to a whole new level, for me. But it wouldn’t be fair, to be honest, considering I still don’t know all of it and I studied pretty hard. However, I still find myself lost and amazed by how many things involve the making and designing of a bra.

Drinking some coffee, drawing some patterns

From seams to wires, from names to methods, I am very, very glad that I took my time to get to DMU and make this course. Besides the fact that it has one of the most well-known contour courses in the whole world, it has given me the opportunity to be side by side with a bunch of sweet women who knew a lot of things about design, industries, bras and were glad to talk about it all day. Amazing!

In addition to all of this, I drew a lot of patterns, cut a lot of fabric and sew -in a clumsy way, but well, it was my first!- a bra! Even though I had a lot of issues concerning the elastic bands and wire cases, our teacher told me it was a very good job for someone with no sewing experiences (it was my third piece ever and the first one with stretchy fabric, which I can tell you, makes things a lot harder).

Here’s the picture of my baby, with wires but no padding, a little lace and some blue (have I told you that blue is my favorite color? Because it is) bows. It looks a little bridal, it wasn’t my intention as I started (it had to be white but I got to choose the bows colors), but now I find it very sweet.

My bridal baby, full of lace and mistakes. Still, I love it very much.

Leicester was a very nice place in which I learnt very nice things. I couldn’t be more pleased with my time spent there and look forward to coming back again, very soon. As I was about to come back to London to take my plane home, I bought this little bird, reminding me that the small city I passed a week in was a great step towards the realization of my dreams.


Leicester, DMU and My First Bra

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