Lingerie Review: Kiss me Deadly and What Katie Did

When I was around London, taking the tube and walking all around town searching for lingerie stores I’d like to visit, I stopped by these two lovely boutiques. The little Kiss me Deadly, located in a cute street, that made me feel home and the all vintage and full of feathers What Katie Did, which made me feel like I was about to become a pin up.

I really liked KMD’s designs, because for me they were the perfect image of an independent woman, who likes to be known for her strength but loves to be sexy as well. They have a little vintage touch, which pleases me a lot, too. So I went there and tried on a few pieces, ending up with the Van Doren bralette and a 6-strap suspender belt.

Funny faced me wearing these wonderful pieces in my oh-so-messy room

This bralette… I don’t know, I’ve never seen anything like it. It acts like a medium-support bra, as it’s made of foam, but it’s super comfortable and the lack of wires makes me forget that I’m wearing anything. I wear a medium size, even though I have a small back, because the small was too tight on my breasts.

I like the fact that the straps are pretty wide, too, because I feel like it gives even more support and it matches the whole design. The small detail between the breasts is really nice too, and the bralette gets super pretty underneath a mesh shirt!

Keeping my hosiery up all day and all night (or not, who knows)

After the bralette, which I truly wanted, I asked if they had a suspender belt and a pair of knickers (well, it was England) to match. I tried on the Van Doren high waisted knickers but they were too large, because I have quite a small waist. Then, I went to this suspender belt and it was so pretty and fitted so well that I had to take it. It’s just vintage enough and seemed very practical. And the lace has “Virgin” written on it, which I thought was a little… ironic. 

One strap on the front and these two on the side and back.

When I wore it, I realized it was not comfortable… it was way beyond it! Really good, it’s probably one of my favorite pieces and surely my favorite garter belt. It keeps the stockings up all day -I’ve tried it. As I wear it on my waist, I can wear panties over it, which helps if you plan on going to the toilet during the day (I find it quite important).

The What Katie Did store, as I stated above, looked like a pin up heaven. But I’m still not bold enough to buy really vintage-inspired lingerie. Although their pieces are gorgeous, they are still too… vintage for my personal taste. But an absolute must if you into that kind of style.

However, I was not about to leave without a shopping bag! I asked for nylon stockings, but after a small chat with the ladies present at the store, I realized it would be better if I bought one with nylon and elastane, for a lot of reasons, but mainly because I have thin legs and the elastane could help me with the size, and I didn’t know how to properly take care of nylon stockings, as I am a bit clumsy.

I feel like a vintage babe!

Anyway, I really liked the seams, I thought that it gives exactly the touch that sometimes I search in my outfits. Bought a black and a nude one! I really feel like I’ve made excellent choices on my Lingerie Trip!

So, what is your opinion on it? Have you ever tried a 6-strap-suspender belt?

And how you feel about some reviews featuring pictures of some selected pieces on me? I think it’s nice to know how the pieces stay on the body!

Lingerie Review: Kiss me Deadly and What Katie Did

7 thoughts on “Lingerie Review: Kiss me Deadly and What Katie Did

  1. I’m planning to order the bralet so may I ask for your underbust & full chest measurements, and your usual bra size please? I was going to get the small but I don’t want it to be too tight. Thankyou!

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