Yesterday night I had a big surprise, since my Karolina Laskowska harness from her indiegogo campaign arrived. The good thing about living in a place where international packages take about a month to arrive is that you forget about it and it ends up coming a a surprise. It’s so nice!

Me in my new harness, it’s so pretty!

I really love the quality and the details, like the little velvet bow in the middle, or how the straps look on my ribcage. So I posted this photo on my personal instagram. Soon, I had friends saying they wanted one too! Then I decided it was time to post some harnesses that I loved, for my friends to have references or buy! And, of course, for me to remember which ones I am going to buy next. Just click on the image to be redirected to the store website!

Pentagram harness by Hopeless Lingerie

This has to be my favorite harness available. I really love the aesthetic and how it must look under a shirt. My first item on the harness wishlist.

Maja harness by Hopeless Lingerie

Inspired by the ocean and it’s creatures, the Maja harness is, in my opinion, the best item of Hopeless latest collection.

Kordelia harness by Karolina Laskowska

I am able, now, to say that Karolina’s products have an amazing quality and are definitely worth the price. This item looks like the one I got in the mail, so I would definitely recommend it.

These three styles by Esty Lingerie

I really like the choker straps by Esty. The options in different colors are good for the ones who try to escape from the black, but the Triple Chocker has to be my favorite! Although they are not exactly harnesses since they just strap around the neck, they are lovely accessories that couldn’t be out of my list!

Voyeur harness by Bordelle

This item is a little more… hardcore. A heavier look, for me, seems pretty nice, sometimes, so I couldn’t finish this list without a Bordelle accessory. The amount of rings and straps in this design is lovely, and I would love to style it with some jeans and a white shirt, or a little black dress, for a beautiful night outfit!


I love harnesses, and with this being my first one, I have intentions to buy lots of new ones. Would you buy one of these? Which one?


6 thoughts on “Harnesses

  1. Thanks for including my choker straps! 🙂 The triple choker is definitely the favourite with the general public.

    I have the Karolina Laskowska Kordelia harness, a sample version but nonetheless gorgeous! I love that Maya one by Hopeless too, as does my sister. I need to buy more clothes I can wear with harnesses, so I have an excuse to buy more harnesses :p

    1. No problem! 🙂
      They are all so beautiful! I really like how you offer different color options, but the triple choker is still the best!

      I think it’s really clever to buy clothes so you have an excuse for the harnesses, haha! Might be doing it, too!

  2. windiegardie says:

    You look awesome in your harness! Also, if I could get a bra exactly like that in my size, I think I’d faint. It’s so pretty!

  3. Delia Dash says:

    I am in love with the Voyeur harness by Bordelle. I bought this as soon as I saw it and the quality is impeccable. I bought some items from Hopeless lingerie.. and let’s just say their name is a perfect fit. Terrible service and took forever then the sizing was completely wrong. I know some people who have been happy with their stuff, but I just think it’s rubbish. Sorry, but that’s my opinion.

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