Comfortable but Pretty: Panties for Everyday.

I love panties. I could spend lots of time looking at my panties drawer and back to the mirror, trying to choose what I’m about to wear. It sound crazy, sometimes, but I know that when I’m wearing good underwear, my day turns a little better. 

However, there are days that I know I couldn’t wear thongs or any kind of panties that would make me slightly uncomfortable. It can be because I’m moody, it can be sadness, it can be growing hair or just the desire to feel as comfortable as possible. On those days, I look at my drawer and am absolutely thankful for my comfortable panties, specially the beautiful ones, because I really like the idea of feeling good without the sacrifice of wearing dull undergarments.

So, I thought I should share with you some of these, because I know you are crazy about panties too, and well… why not? We all have those days when we need a cup of tea/hot chocolate, a hug and pretty but comfortable panties. And just as a reminder: click on the image to get on the website!



I have one exactly like this. I find it very cute.

I bought these by accident (kind of). Searching for a sleeping shirt at a gap store, they were at sale and I am a lingerie freak. So I bought three. And I can assure you, I will buy more when I get to a Gap store again, because they are the most wonderful things. I find that lace give a nice touch to undergarments, I feel cute and sexy when wearing and I don’t even remember that I have panties on. Besides, the range of colors and models is really big so you can choose which one to wear, matching or mismatching a bra or your outerwear, in the style you feel more comfortable.


Victoria’s Secret PINK

Yes, I do love when they have funny things written. I bought one recently that looks like Wonder Woman’s underwear and I’m amazed by it.


Victoria’s Secret have a lot of issues, is not news to anyone that knows a little about lingerie. I feel no shame to admit, however, that I do like some of their stuff, specially the PINK ones. My drawer is full of their panties, because they are really, really comfortable. May not be the sexiest thing ever, so I don’t exactly wear them on a night out or when I wanna feel like a burlesque queen, but yes, I do love to have funny things written in my bum, or bright colors under my jeans. Whenever I travel outside Brazil, I know it’s time to change some of my panties, so I take advantage of the cheap price on these and buy some (at least 5, to be honest, since buying 5 is cheaper than buying 3!).


Miss Crofton

Miss Crofton offers high-waisted options, so if you like this style, I would highly recommend trying the brand.

I am a student, so low budget is an item I take in account when buying panties. I have been given the opportunity to try a Miss Crofton set and I definitely put it in my beautiful-and-comfortable list, but I couldn’t buy more to say I have a collection. I can completely agree that the price is worth, since they are all handmade and I thing we should be buying more from independent designers. Anyway, Georgia’s garments are lovely, the bras being as comfortable as the panties and the styles absolutely beautiful. 



Kittens! I have one with birds and one with colored dots. They are all so cute.

I am a Topshop lover. When it comes to panties, this is no different, since they are cheap and the nicest thing ever. The prints make me more amazed, and the price -even when shopping in Brazil’s Topshop!- is really nice, absolutely compatible to the garment they offer. Having tons of styles, models and prints, I am always caught by the chiffon ones. The lace brazilians are amazing, too, but not as comfortable as this. Hint: I buy it one size bigger so it’s even better!


I hope you find my tips really useful, since, as I stated above, I understand the need of comfortable things, but can’t cope with ugly ones. Do you have your own favorite brand for these panties? How do you feel about this situation and what do you have in your panties drawer to get through these days?

Comfortable but Pretty: Panties for Everyday.

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