Introducing: Água Fresca Lingerie

This post is the first one that comes double. Trying to, at the same time, reach my brazilian visitors and make brazilian brands reach international visitors, this post was originally written in portuguese and then translated to english. All of that was done by me, so that I can add notes in concepts that some readers outside Brazil may not understand. I hope this kind of post works, at least for now. It would be lovely to find out your opinion on it!



Recently, I discovered a new brazilian lingerie brand (via Juliana, that has the brazilian lingerie blog  Tudo de Lingerie) – and I fell completely in love with it’s style! The brand, Água Fresca (it means fresh water in portuguese) just presented their new collection, called Singeleza.

The SS14 collection (just a reminder – we just entered spring, here!) takes it’s appearance from the city of Sabará, in the state of Minas Gerais, where Turkish immigrants brought the tradition of the characteristic lace produced there (with techniques similar to fishing nets). In the 25 years anniversary of the brand, the finesse of this lace, usually called Singeleza, was the inspiration to the beautiful pieces, as well as the expertise of the artisan producers and the cultural importance of it all.

So, it was more than expected that lace would have the leading role on the garments, and it really happens – in a delicate and lovely way, combining different types of lace with fine fabrics such as organza, voil, tulle, along with colors that range from romantic pastels to dark blue and green. Some prints are present, too, specially one made specially for the collection by the designer Cris Girollet.


Unfortunately, just as many other cultural aspects of small villages, the laces produced at Sabará may be facing an end. The lack of interest of the youngsters to learn the art that once was passed through generations is the reason. However, the Crafts Center of Minas Gerais is trying to stimulate new artisans (this activity is commonly practiced by women, in this region) to learn the techniques and produce the lace.


I got positively impressed by the images and the teaser. I am a lace lover, and the pieces caught my attention, along with their delicate details. For the ones who wish to know more about the brand, just access their website (it’s in portuguese, though).

Introducing: Água Fresca Lingerie

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