It’s Britney, B*tch! – Lingerie and Thoughts on “Work Bitch”

Britney is back. 

You wanna Lamborghini? Sipping martinis? You wanna live fancy? You wanna party in France? Ok, Britney, I got it. I want it all.

I bet you all heard of it, at least all my friends did. The first time I saw half of the videoclip, I got caught by some words I’ve read about how women were portrayed and ended up searching for bad things to talk about. I was, in fact, pretty sleepy and sad that a huge production like this one would be full of disrespect to women and oversexualized pictures.

However, I ended up reading something else, in which I was told that it was all about bdsm and the images were just sexual, not exactly disrespectful, and I could look at it in a different bias. I liked the idea of looking at it twice, and I actually kinda like the song… I got caught up by the rhythm… ok, ok, I can say I like it.

Whip it! These heels scream “fetish”.

Pop culture is full of sexualization, specially when it comes to women. No wonder the “Work Bitch” video would have this kind of image, plus some whips, chains and even a radio used as a gag (I find it quite a surprising but amazing way for advertisement). Since the release -and the success- of 50 Shades of Grey, we’ve been aware of the popularization of sadomasochism, and although I could spot a lot of bad points of the book (I actually haven’t read it, but heard lots of friends talking about it and read tons of texts about it), I see no reason why this would be negative. In my opinion, the more we are aware that people have fetishes and it’s ok, as long as it’s consensual, of course, the more we get close to a naturalization of sexual aspects. Not to banalize them, but to stop thinking about them as harmful and dirty.

I would call this a gag-Beats

Instead of looking at the dominated side, now, I’m looking into the dominative – which is Britney’s role. She is a woman, she is strong and she wears more great lingerie than I would ever dream to have in my wardrobe. She just strolls around in dance clubs in Bordelle, she have slaves which wear Zana Bayne products. She is so powerful that she can explode Hopeless garments and not even feel sorry about it! Oh, I envy you, Britney.

Bordelle. I just… I don’t wanna talk about it, Bordelle is one of my favorite brands. (hahah, this screen capture is quite funny, I keep laughing at it. Sorry, I’m not the best print screen operator!)
Harness and puppy-ears mask by Zana Bayne. I adore it.
BOOM! There goes some Hopeless lingerie I would love to have in my drawer.

Using the word Bitch can be considered to be a bad thing. It really is, sometimes, but when I am on my better days, it means, when I feel like we must keep fighting to be able to express our sexuality in a free way, I think this word can be a way of empowerment, in a “Slut Walk” way. If I could change one thing, it would be the way society thinks of women and sex, not the images on the videoclip. Some may not want to be so exposed when it comes to their intimate desires or imagination, and that’s completely understandable. But diversity is what moves our world, it’s what makes it colorful, and it’s fine if one wants to state it’s sexuality. It’s ok to feel powerful by liking fetish-styled images and clothing, it’s ok not to like this aesthetic. That is exactly what sexually free means!

“I am so powerful I stand on the top of an upside down pyramid in a desert with six slaves while the wind makes my white cape flow! It’s all consensual and we love it.” – These are Britney thoughts, I swear.

And if being a powerful woman who is not afraid to show that she likes sex and has no problem when her image is related to it is being a bitch… I better work, bitch.

This is my favorite. Bordelle on the ladies, Hopeless on Britney, fancy car, crazy dance moves.
It’s Britney, B*tch! – Lingerie and Thoughts on “Work Bitch”

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