Nightwear for Fall and Spring

Autumn and Spring are different seasons. Usually, in Autumn people are experiencing the cold weather starting to come, and in Spring, the hot weather coming with the sun. When children, we learn the difference between yellow leaves falling, pumpkins and cozy sweaters, and bright colors, flowers growing and nice printed dresses.

But I live in a place where the weather does not get colder than 13C (around 55F) and can go up to 42C in January (that would be more than 100F). So, basically, since we usually have weather around 20~30C, Fall and Spring have… quite the same weather. Of course, when it gets closer to Winter or to Summer, we can spot the difference, but it’s not much.

I decided to thin about nightwear, since I can’t decide if I want to be in warm pijamas or in sexy camisoles. But hey – it’s my lingerie blog, I can just pretend I afford everything of my wishlist and tell you all the night and loungewear I would like to have on my body in this middle seasons.


Belle de Nuit by Fleur of England
Belle de Nuit by Fleur of England

Have I told you before that Belle de Nuit is my new favorite Fleur of England collection? I know I did, but I could tell you all over again, because it really is so much beauty that I find hard to deal with it. Anyway, I will find a way to get this silk babydoll, I really am. It would fit every season i could possibly imagine and it’s my ultimate desire in nightwear right now.


The lovely Mosh wears Dottie's Delight Frou Frou Robe
The lovely Mosh wears Dottie’s Delights Frou Frou Robe

This robe by Dottie’s Delights is another item I’ve wanted for a long time, now. It would definitely make me warm enough to walk around the house in style, write in style, eat midnight snacks in style… ok, you got the idea. I just think about how many items I could combine this with… so many beautiful things…


Gold Hawk Floral Lace Shorts
Gold Hawk Floral Lace Shorts

Shorts are  good option for someone who -like me- loves to sleep wrapped in blankets. This one, by Gold Hawk, is so lovely and seems super comfortable. I can feel how much my body wants this amount of nice fabric in it… it’s so adorable! And the colors are very close to a Fall color pallet, which would be nice all year round!


Betty Blue's Loungerie Nell Robe
Betty Blue’s Loungerie Nell Robe

Luxury.So much luxury. This could be combined with every black thing in my wardrobe, or red, or just… wore alone. It’s available in Frou Frou Fashionista and I want one, really do! Not exactly the kind of thing I wear on an everyday basis, but could I resist it?

Nightwear for Fall and Spring

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