I made something: Black Underbust Corselette

If you follow me on twitter, you probably heard me talking about my “corset course”. I am writing about it once a month to Stitched Up, Corsetry facebook group, too!

I’ve engaged in a new pattern cutting and sewing course, this time about corselettes and corsets.  Although these pieces are very different from bras, they are by no means easier to make. I have a nice tutor and she helps me through every step of the process. I’ve only made one corselette until now (she told me we could not call that a corset because of some differences on the sewing process, and the boning could be made in plastic, but I decided to do it in steel).

For my first piece, I wanted something very classical, so I bought all the materials to do a black denim underbust!

I drew a pattern based on my body!
I drew a pattern based on my body measurements!

After lots of cutting, understanding aspects of the pattern, sewing together, finding out I did something wrong, cutting the stitches, sewing again and lots of other small parts of the process, I could visualize my corselette coming together. The best part of designing or sewing, in my opinion, is the time we get excited to see the piece ready.

A lot of pattern pieces together – and it didn’t look like an underbust at all by this point.
But soon I did a bit of ironing and more sewing and it looked so beautiful!

So, it finally turned out to be something very, very beautiful!

That's me!
That’s me!

My waist is usually 63cm and I turned it into about 58cm. It’s a bit too much for someone not used to waist reductions, but I really like it! I am going to wear to a party this weekend, with a beautiful black dress, I am so excited! I really loved to share those pictures with you, so you can all see how my process on making lingerie items is going!

I am already designing my new underbust one. It’s gonna be a bit different this tim,e but you will have to wait a bit more to see how it goes!

I made something: Black Underbust Corselette

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