Lingerie Review: Knock Out! Panties.

The three panties and this cute package I got

When the people at Knock Out! offered me some panties to review, I got quite interested in their technology. Although I love the “common” panties, these ones had something different, and I really wanted to see how that worked. 

Knock Out! Smart Panties were invented by a mom, and we can all agree that moms know best. She noticed that a lot of women had problems with the thin cotton layer on the panties. At every age, we face some kind of problem – periods, odor, sweat during exercising… and since she could not find panties with extra protection in the market, she decided to invent new ones. That is truly smart!

The boyshort. Really cute color, really nice lace, really comfortable.

I was excited when the package arrived, including three panties and a lot on information. The Lacy Thong, the Lacy Panty and the Lacy Boyshort (can you tell I am a lace lover?) were inside the envelope, along with a lot of information concerning the materials and how does it works.


You probably know that the panties you wear everyday must have cotton, so your body can breathe. This one, though, have a thick layer of cotton, that allows your body to breathe but keep odor and liquids (a bit). It is comfortable, even being thick, and it really does protect you from any of these unpleasant situations. I had the chance to test the panties while on a 12-hour plane flight, 10 thousand feet or so above the ground, and was very pleased with how it worked!

On the media material and on the website of Knock Out!, they include a lot of opinions from real women of all ages, which is really nice! I like and support lingerie brands that do not follow the same directions of making pieces to please young women – of course, we need them too, and of course no brand would please every woman, but it’s really nice to have different options and different opinions from women of all ages!

The lace and the thick layer of cotton on my Lacy Panty

The opinions on the website could not be more precise – the panties really met my expectations! The do protect you, they are soft and comfortable and they look good! Basic, pretty enough to look yourself in the mirror and strike a pose. “Only a woman could come up with this!” the phrase on the website is true. only a woman could understand the necessities of another – and that is why these panties are so good and useful.


Knock Out! can be found on their website and on facebook. The products produced include nightwear and sportswear, too!


Panties provided by Knock Out! Panties, opinions are mine.


Lingerie Review: Knock Out! Panties.

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