Under the Unders is back – and new

Hello, everyone!


Me, wearing Gilda & Pearl and sipping champagne on my last London visit.

Welcome to my blog, if you have never visited it. Welcome back if you are an old friend.



Under the Unders was created in 2013 after, in a photoshop class, I told a great friend that I discovered some lingerie blogs and wanted to write about it. By then, I was 19 and starting my fashion college adventures. I did create a blog and it was probably one of my best decisions ever. Since then, I have met tons of people, learned plenty of things and now, finishing college, I am slowly starting to become a designer on my own brand: Manoela Marandino.

I stopped writing on Under the Unders a year ago, because I had no time left. I forgot about it for a while and I ended up losing my domain name and some of my posts. It made me sad but that is alright, we can start all over!

I decided to come back with the blog because it feels good to write. Here, I intend to write about my life, my work, my lingerie experiences and whatever I find interesting. I have grown up quite a bit since the last time I was here – so expect much more opinion pieces and much less news pieces (there are many other incredible lingerie websites you can visit if you are looking for news pieces!).

Feel free to come back, comment, tell me what do you want me to write about and send me a nice email at contacttheunder@gmail.com

Hoping you will love to read whatever I talk about and my thoughts on life, I hope you come back. From today on, a new version of Under the Unders is online and I am ready to start it!

Under the Unders is back – and new

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