When I tell people that I am making my way to work on the lingerie industry, they usually say “wow, that’s nice”. After a few moments, I can see their faces -probably thinking about why would someone take their time to design something that is usually underneath other clothes- and I hear the question “But… why did you choose lingerie?”. I always wait for this inquiry, knowing that I have the answer right at the tip of my tongue.

Because it makes women feel good. When you dress up, you put not only the clothes you are about to show the world, but the ones that will be kept just for you (or maybe you might wanna share it with a special someone, which is even better). Undergarments, believe me, can save a woman’s day. Even if you’re not allowed to wear beautiful clothes to work, or you have to wear a uniform, or the weather is so hot that being well-dressed means sweating all day (I live in Rio de Janeiro. This happens a lot.), it’s kind of a relief to know that you can wear whatever you want, underneath. Wanna wear that lace thong to be sexy just for you? Wear it! Feel like putting some high-waisted panties to accentuate that precious body of yours? Go for it. Prefer putting granny panties because that’s how you do? Well… it’s not my thing, but if it’s yours, hop into your favorite pair of granny panties and feel nice! By what I said, I guess you can imagine that my greatest concern is on how the ones who will be wearing feel about the pieces.

So, as you read any of my articles and posts, you won’t find two things:

  1. Verbal abuse directed to women.
  2. Bullying concerning any kind of body shape, size or characteristic.

If you are thinking that I could have chosen light words as “insults” or “saying bad things”, I am glad you asked yourself, but let me tell you one thing: no euphemism must be used in these situations. An euphemism is a word used to soften a situation, but by softening the situations mentioned, you are helping to spread the idea that this is ok. And this is not ok.

No woman should be called bad names such as “bitch” just because she likes to show off, or because she loves to have sex and don’t feel the need to hide it. A woman has the right to do whatever she likes. You have the right to have your opinion, but if it offends someone else, keep it to yourself. If she wants to wear clothes that show too much, maybe her notion of “too much” doesn’t match with yours. And even if it matches, it’s her body, not yours. Keep your offense and opinion to yourself. Unless showing some body parts (like, in Brazil, you can’t go out topless. Not even on the beach) or using specific clothes is not permitted (like you are on a formal environment or the place you are attending requires an uniform, for example), anything a woman wants to wear is ok, she’s not less of a person because her decisions are different from yours or even from a mass. In Joreen’s words: “If taken seriously, a Bitch is a threat to the social structures which enslave women and the social values which justify keeping them in their place. She is living testimony that woman’s oppression does not have to be, and as such raises doubts about the validity of the whole social system.”

And about the bodies, each person comes in a different size, color, with different characteristics and wills. You may think that low weight girls are better looking that high weight girls. You may think the opposite. You might find that when a black girl walks into a room, you get devastated by the beauty of her color. Or maybe this happens with the ones who were born with a lighter color. Your opinion is, as I said before, very nice… to you. If you have something nice to say, you are totally free to say it. But if your opinion on your preferences disqualify any kind of girl, just please shut up. A woman is beautiful, always. Maybe one of them looks best, you believe, but they are all beautiful. Based on the fact that they are women. And yes, transgendered women are just like any other.

You can’t say bad, offensive things to people. At least not in my blog, as I don’t tolerate hate comments. If you feel like criticizing someone’s looks or attitude just because  you don’t like it, please think twice.


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