This is Halloween

Tomorrow is Halloween, at least in some places around the world. Well, October 31st may be the day that people around some countries trick or treat (which I’ve done once and I guarantee it was pretty amazing – got tons of candies), but not all over the world. However, it’s known by all of us that this is the day to get your costumes out of the closet or make new ones. I had one costume party and will have another on the next days, and I am wearing my Cheshire Cat costume!

I drew this costume and asked for a sewer’s help. It’s quite fantastic, I really love it. This is a pic from last year, still without the smile makeup (my hair is almost twice as long, now).

But, well, if you have a costume party, I imagine that you have already chose your clothing… So it would not make sense to suggest it. But maybe, if you don’t want to dress up for the common things of the day, you could wear Halloween inspired lingerie! Seems like a good idea for me, and I already know I’m about to wear a purple set I own and love. But here are some ideas for you to get spooky, sexy or just to feel funny – after all, fun is what Halloween night is all about!


KissKill Karlie bra. Meow!
KissKill Karlie set. Meow!

The Karlie set, by KissKill Lingerie, would be perfect for a Catwoman costume (or just a fierce look under your clothing). It looks like leather, but it’s made of stretch coated jersey, which may be the perfect combination between look and comfort. I’ve been in love with this set for quite a while, to be honest, so I had to put it on the list!


Id Sarrieri Sweet Memories triangle bra. Sewn with love and Pixie Dust.
Id Sarrieri Sweet Memories triangle bra. Sewn with love and Pixie Dust.

When I came across this piece of art, available at Journelle, I couldn’t help but think it could be part of a sweet and sassy Tinker Bell costume, even if it’s only for the boudoir. I like Tink’s personality as much as I like this undergarment, because they are both unique. I have dressed as her when I was a child, and it’s always a nice option for those who have no idea what to put on a costume party – or a bra!


Playful Promises Heart Breaker set in purple. I am heartbroken that this isn't in my drawer.
Playful Promises Heart Breaker set in purple. I am heartbroken by the fact that this isn’t in my drawer.

Everytime I decided to dress as a witch, when young, my costume was either purple or orange, always combined with black. And though my understanding of what a witch is changed from Snow White’s bad witch to Morgan le Fay -due to my early Mists of Avlon passion- Halloween’s witches are always purple/orange with black and have a pointy hat. So, this Playful Promises set may have a heartbreaking spell, or it will just allow you to use the power of your seduction – but it certainly fits for the night!


Not Ariel. Made by Niki's string playsuit is a beauty under or over the seas!
Not Ariel. Made by Niki’s string playsuit is a beauty under or over the sea.

Mermaids may be cute when we are talking about Ariel (and quite stupid, too… why would she trade her amazing voice and life on the sea to chase a man that she doesn’t even know?), but they have not always been portrayed like that. Actually, mermaids were supposed to be evil creatures that seduced poor sailors to their death, always beautiful and mean. This is pretty fierce, right? And this Made by Niki string playsuit (available at Pleasurements) comes in jade and black, creating a mysterious under the sea aura that will surely be the reason why the person that shares the night with you will fall into your enchantment.


Pin up girl by Gil Elvgren
Pin up girl by Gil Elvgren

I wish you all an amazing Halloween, with lot’s of fun and -possibly- candy!

What are you dressing up as, this year?

This is Halloween