Dear Santa,

I haven’t been a good girl this year.


You see, I am aware of my behavior, that is why I decided to write you this letter. I was not a good girl, and as a matter of fact, I am not a good girl. I knew what it took to be a nice lady and I just failed it on purpose.

Santa, being a good girl meant that I should have cleaned my room. I should have washed the dishes, maybe, and I should have dressed as a lady. I should have stood quiet when facing controversial situations, I should have agreed when everybody said that revenge porn is a girl’s fault, because real ladies never them themselves be filmed or photographed during intimate situations. I should have called them sluts because they made clear that they have sex, but obviously I should not have watched any of those films – and not because I think they are a crime or unfair, but because ladies don’t watch porn, not at all!

I should not have said bad words, I should have tried to keep thin – and should have made fun of those who are fat, because if a woman is fat, she clearly is not trying hard enough. She is lazy and real ladies are not lazy, they must put their beauty in the first place, otherwise how can they please men? I should have pleased men, every men.

But I didn’t.


This year, Santa, I stood up for myself and for other women who needed help. This year I sent motivation to a friend that had her article denied at college because it’s subject was about how illegal it was when women got raped while drunk (most women don’t even know it counts as rape, because society tell them “they deserved it”). This year I learnt what real sorority means, opening my heart to someone I used to hate when she asked for help in a situation of psychological and sexual abuse (and made a great, great friend, because of it). This year I have stood up when they told me I should be quiet facing cat calls, when they told me that “if I dressed well, it’s because I wanted to be admired”, because I don’t think admiration has nothing to do with sexual assault. This year I have spend a lot of time studying human body, habits and emotions anthropologies, so that I could understand more of the definitions of feminine and masculine in today’s society.

But wait – I have cleaned my room (although my mother thinks it was still a mess). I washed the dishes, I helped people in need, I was polite. Not because being a girl requires me to do such things, but because these are things that make good human beings. I have decided to face sexist/homophobic/prejudicial situations with kindness, trying to explain why the person should not say something like that, because fighting this way brought me peace and good results. I have not questioned the way my sisters fight for their rights and inner peace, too.


Dear Santa, this year I have not been a good girl, I admit. I haven’t stood the way a sexist society think I should have stood, but I did fight for a better world for everyone around me. I did the best I could not to hurt anyone and to help every single person I could, expecting nothing but their happiness. I became my own hero, I became comfortable in my body, I loved being a woman and a feminist. I know that good ladies should not write about underpinnings, let alone get photographed wearing them, but I know that I have helped a lot of women this year with my writing, because they came to tell me this.

I understand, Santa, if you decide not to come to my house this christmas, if you think I don’t deserve a present. I did the best I could, but I understand that I haven’t met society’s standards. However, I would really appreciate if you read this letter and considering giving me at least a little something for being nice to the planet I live on. I understand if you don’t think I deserve it.

But if you do, please think about dropping a Fleur of England Belle de Nuit babydoll under my tree.

Much love,



Pictures: Ana Beatriz Barros for V magazine

Dear Santa,

Nightwear for Fall and Spring

Autumn and Spring are different seasons. Usually, in Autumn people are experiencing the cold weather starting to come, and in Spring, the hot weather coming with the sun. When children, we learn the difference between yellow leaves falling, pumpkins and cozy sweaters, and bright colors, flowers growing and nice printed dresses.

But I live in a place where the weather does not get colder than 13C (around 55F) and can go up to 42C in January (that would be more than 100F). So, basically, since we usually have weather around 20~30C, Fall and Spring have… quite the same weather. Of course, when it gets closer to Winter or to Summer, we can spot the difference, but it’s not much.

I decided to thin about nightwear, since I can’t decide if I want to be in warm pijamas or in sexy camisoles. But hey – it’s my lingerie blog, I can just pretend I afford everything of my wishlist and tell you all the night and loungewear I would like to have on my body in this middle seasons.


Belle de Nuit by Fleur of England
Belle de Nuit by Fleur of England

Have I told you before that Belle de Nuit is my new favorite Fleur of England collection? I know I did, but I could tell you all over again, because it really is so much beauty that I find hard to deal with it. Anyway, I will find a way to get this silk babydoll, I really am. It would fit every season i could possibly imagine and it’s my ultimate desire in nightwear right now.


The lovely Mosh wears Dottie's Delight Frou Frou Robe
The lovely Mosh wears Dottie’s Delights Frou Frou Robe

This robe by Dottie’s Delights is another item I’ve wanted for a long time, now. It would definitely make me warm enough to walk around the house in style, write in style, eat midnight snacks in style… ok, you got the idea. I just think about how many items I could combine this with… so many beautiful things…


Gold Hawk Floral Lace Shorts
Gold Hawk Floral Lace Shorts

Shorts are  good option for someone who -like me- loves to sleep wrapped in blankets. This one, by Gold Hawk, is so lovely and seems super comfortable. I can feel how much my body wants this amount of nice fabric in it… it’s so adorable! And the colors are very close to a Fall color pallet, which would be nice all year round!


Betty Blue's Loungerie Nell Robe
Betty Blue’s Loungerie Nell Robe

Luxury.So much luxury. This could be combined with every black thing in my wardrobe, or red, or just… wore alone. It’s available in Frou Frou Fashionista and I want one, really do! Not exactly the kind of thing I wear on an everyday basis, but could I resist it?

Nightwear for Fall and Spring

Book: Contemporary Lingerie Design

Some months ago, I got this book as a wonderful birthday present from a friend. It was a great chance for me to start learning about designers and their particular style, about what influences a lingerie collection and the processes involved in the creating and making it. I was just starting the blog, and didn’t have much knowledge about the industry.

The cover – Made by Niki lingerie

So I thought that, instead of talking about the book, I could make something different. As the book talks about 30 brands, I decided to put together some of my favorite, together with a little excerpt of the book telling something nice about the brand. It was really hard to choose which ones I would talk about, because all of them are beautiful in some way.

As this is already going to be a long post, I am not putting any personal opinion, aside from my designer choices, that should be enough for you to understand a bit of my taste. The brands are in alphabetical order.

Bien Fée Pour Toi

Autumn 2009

“I have two key themes: freshness and fantasy. I’m inspired by the freshness and purity of nature (…) and then, bit by bit, I bring it together with the fantasy side”

“I think I design equally well for a passionate and very feminine woman as for a woman who is more discreet and romantic.”


Carol Malony

Summer 2009

“Lingerie gives you the permission to express yourself in another language. It can be beautifully done, it can be articulate, it can be poetic – it can be sexy!”

“It can start with a charm or even a bow and you just build it up. It’s much better to start with the materials and drape them on a stand so that they find their own dramatic style.”


Chantal Thomass

Winter 2012

“I prefer to design my ready-to-wear with inspiration taken from lingerie, such as broderie anglaise or corsets. I like the masculine/feminine element, the contrast between the suit, which is something I’m well-known for, and lingerie.”

“I like the transparency of lace, specially very fine Chantilly lace. I really like satin and the transparency of tulle. I like to visit the suppliers’ factories.”


Claire Pettibone

Heilroom collection

“There is an underlying femininity and romance in all of m work. I have developed quite a speciality for lace and embroideries, so there is a relationship there. (…) The goal is to make a woman look absolutely breathtaking.”

“All women are beautiful, and it’s my job to enhance that beauty with clothing. I see lingerie as an opportunity to step “out of time”, take a moment for oneself and perhaps share it with someone special”


Fifi Chachnil

Collaboration with Topshop, Winter 2008

“Girls inspire me – their differences and singularity are my inspiration; the shape of the body and the way girls from different countries behave. Creativity often comes out of necessity.”

“The idea was to make a lingerie collection that did not compromise on style. It was like fashion, but to wear underneath.”

Fleur of England

Jasmine collection

“It’s about beautiful, stunning lingerie that is almost a modern classic.Above all, the garment has to fit amazingly well. Fit is the most important thing. (…) Something that if your husband or boyfriend bought for you, you would think “Oh! How lovely, he’s bought me this pretty garment, he’s really thought about it!”

“Favourite design: my balcony bra: the fit is really good. It’s been in my collection since I started and it will never go.”


Summer 2008

“Fabrics and laces are the most important starting point for my designs. (…) I need to make the designs as beautiful as possible. I love fabrics that have a soft touch, very lightweight fabrics, frills, polka dots and layering lace over other fabrics.”

“I’m inspired by nature, such as as feeling for the seasons in Japan, the colour of the sky, sunrays from a cloud…’

Guia La Bruna

Touch of Gold pieces

“I think of a woman between 20 and 40, who is fashionable, quite romantic and feminine, in love with colours, prints, quality fabrics, with a slightly edgy taste. I guess someone like me”

“The inspiration: vintage-style lingerie, 1950s, divas mainly, all translated in luxurious fabrics. I wanted to create the lingerie set that I would love to have found in my grandmother’s drawer, with a retro look but modern at the same time.”


Marlies Dekkers

Exhibition in Rotterdam

“Women tend to have a different view of who they are; I try to create designs that allow women to accept themselves as they are and feel comfortable about this. I want to give them confidence and make them feel beautiful. That’s my mission!”

“I’m also very proud that I design underwear that women want to combine with outerwear. (…) I wanted to make them [the bras] so beautiful that women would want to show them off, and the buyers didn’t believe me. I’m very proud that years later I’ve been proven right and it’s something women like to show off.”


Miss Lala Presents

Summer 2009

“With lingerie, you never know who’s ging to buy what. You can think, for example, that pink gingham is for a certain age group, but you can have a fifty-year-old woman come in who adores it. Lingerie is the one place you can really experiment.”

“I’ll never stop loving polka dots. I’m obsessed with hearts. Ginghams I just adore, and also 1950s cotton stripes; I love the colours. I like a bit of bling – I like Swarovski crystals.”


Nuits de Satin Paris

Dita waspie with Dolly babydoll

“We take several vintage pieces and use one detail from one, another detail for from another – we don’t design on paper. Or we take a vintage design as a base and design around it.”

“I adore Chantilly lace, silk mousseline and silk satin, specially duchesse satin. (…) All the fabrics are French, including the silk, because I believe France has an unique savoir faire with regard to fine-quality fabrics and laces”


Pleasure State

Summer 2012

“We find today that colour is an evolution and it has little impact from the weather being hot or cold. We still refer to collections by their seasonal name, but for Pleasure State the influences are more likely to be around fashion seasons and events such a Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.”

“I am very proud of our superbly fitting and comfortable bra cups, which are seamless, smooth, flattering and exquisitely beautiful.”

So, what did you think about those designers? Do you find one of them is your favourite?

Book: Contemporary Lingerie Design

What do you need?

Some of the friends I eventually meet in the campus tell me they like my blog because “they never took the time to think about lingerie and they don’t understand a lot about it”. So, I thought I could make a small guide to the ones who would like to get introduced to a whole new world of loving what you wear under your clothing.

Yes, it’s a small list of items you might want to search for if you feel like you should love yourself and your underwear drawer a little more. After all, what’s not to love about it? Lingerie can make you feel good even on your worst days, it can work like the ultimate fantasy to yourself. And, even though this is not the main purpose of the pieces in my opinion, it can make you confident enough to be even more special to someone else.

But enough talking, let’s get to the unders. Here’s what you need if you actually never thought about undergarments. 


Plain bras and panties.

The Sascha bra by The Little Bra Company is plain and strapless. A must-have.

We all have those clothes that are a little see-through, and sometimes we just don’t want anyone to notice that we are wearing something great underneath them. Even the most glamorous women have plain -usually nude, but you might want to have it in black, blue, red…- bra and panties (apart from Dita von Teese, I guess, as she is the godess of glamour). 

A perfect-fitting bra means the underwire lies on your ribs, the back doesn’t run up or goes loose and the cup is totally filled. This will certainly get you comfortable during the whole day, making you feel nicely dresses. There is nothing worse than that feeling you get when something is not correctly fitted. Oh, and I guess you all can tell when your panties fit or not. They must be lying comfortably against your hips, not too tight!

Cotton is always a very good idea to you and your skin. This one by Eberjey.


Fun underwear

This DC comic inspired bra by the brazilian brand Thais Gusmao seems amazing to me!

Everyone has it’s on concept of fun, that’s for sure. But, in my opinion, every woman should have that pair of undergarments which make her laugh -or at least smile a lot- when in front of the mirror.

Bright colors are a good option for those who might feel that prints like the comic book one are not their style. But having something to smile for is essential to a happy existence. Well, at least that’s my motto.

This Ellen Macpherson’s set could surely make my day brighter!



La Perla’s Marchesa set is classically beautiful. Expensive, but amazing.

Lace is classic. Lace is innovating. Lace is for everyday. Lace is for a special occasion. Anyway you want your lingerie set to be, you can put some lace in it. And you should! It feels good on the skin, it makes you feel wrapped up in something beautiful and it can be worn everyday. I never got tired of lace, that I can guarantee you.

Hanky Panky is comfortable enough for everyday use but still gorgeous! Specially in different colors like this.

Besides, if you take the time to really look into what you are about to buy, you can find different types of lace. Every single one seem to have a different pattern and each better than the last! Of course, you can find laces like the chantilly one -very fine and delicate- or the guipure one -heavy, without a net-.

Amazing guipure lace by Fleur of England on their Jasmine balcony bra.


Beautiful Nightwear

I’ve been in love for the Stella McCartney’s chemise for a while, now.

Sleeping can be fun, I’m pretty sure you know that. But waking up in a nice gown or comfortable pijamas is an amazing feeling, and maybe by getting a beautiful piece you can make that monday morning better. Notice I didn’t say you’d make the monday morning good, but being wrapped in silk can be good even when you are hating the alarm clock! 

Just be sure not to get too cold or too hot clothes, because you must be very relaxed to have a good night! Having pijamas for winter and camisoles for summer can be a good option!

Sometimes, my best friend calls me to get my Victoria’s Secret pijama pants borrowed. True story.



Wolford does a good job on making some quality hosiery!

You wear it, everyone wears it. But choosing some good tights, hold ups or stockings can be very important for an outfit, as they are going to be shown. Remember to never wear torn up hosiery! It makes you look poorly dressed even if you are wearing haute couture.

Maybe you like the ones with patterns, or maybe you prefer thigh-highs with garter belts. That you will figure out by trying them on, and looking at yourself. And it’s an amazing thing to do: observe! See what fits you best and what makes you look even better.

Agent Provocateur’s “Whip me, bite me, eat me, tease me”. My favourite piece of hosiery ever couldn’t be out of here!


A Robe

La Lilouche takes love to a whole new level.

After bath, or just before sleep. Maybe on that lazy sunday when waking up. In every occasion, having a robe or two can be a nice way to be dressed without being dressed.

I just love chilling in my robes, specially the satin ones. They feel beautiful on the mirror and soft on the skin. Lovely!

Agent Provocateur makes boudoir even more amazing with this. French lace, marabou feathers… beautiful.

Something erotical

Bordelle’s Angela dress. That’s something that fits, for me.

Now, that’s hard because it’s very personal. In my opinion, you should have in your closet something that makes you feel like a sex godess just by putting it on. Even if you don’t like wearing it under common clothes, even if you don’t have a partner. The whole aspect of “prohibited” that sex has is good, in some way, because the thrill of doing something you are not allowed to, or being a bad girl is positive (just in some cases, let’s please not go breaking any laws).

So, it’s a psychological exercise, this one. Think about what piece of lingerie you would put and instantly be sexual. No, not sensual, really sexual. Maybe it’s just a bright red set, maybe it’s something with restrains, or leather. Anything you want, just let yourself admire the naughty from inside.

For the ones who love latex, Pleasurements have some beautiful ones.


What do you think of my suggestions? Would you add something else? What are your must have lingerie pieces?

What do you need?

Lazy Days

Miss Crofton. The best of laziness.

As much as I love getting all dressed up -with makeup and high heels- I am, in fact, a great mass of laziness. I adore long naps, lazy food and being lazy with other people. And although some lingerie can cause a bit of a trouble (this trouble is often related to some amazing perks, so it’s totally worth it), some of them are made to be easy, soft and relaxing. Or at least they look like it.

Unwired bras, soft fabrics, nice colors. I can totally relate to that on a lazy day like today. Along with a nice cup of green tea with lemon (my favourite) and light biscuits or maybe a latte and a big piece of chocolate (I’ll go for this one), these are some pieces I feel in love when talking about getting wrapped up in a blanket and listening to my favourite band (which is, just so you know a little more about me, Belle & Sebastian)

“The sun is up, the sky is blue…” Fleur of England can make any day bright.

Fleur of England Lemon Cello Babydoll – £128

Eberjey Madeleine Bralet – $55

Stella McCartney Clara Whispering Shorts – $105

Topshop Mini Panty (any of them, they are amazingly comfortable and pretty) – £4

Lazy and misterious (and beautiful) Miss Crofton.

Miss Crofton Rhosyn Lingerie Set – £45

Mc Lounge Silk Chiffon Gown – £170 @The Lingerie Collective

Victoria’s Secret Afterhours Satin Pijamas – $69,50 (I love the red and pink one, so pretty!)


So, I guess I should get some rest now, since I am still feeling lazy and tomorrow I have plenty of things to do (and none of them relates to resting). I hope the pieces I chose today brought you a grin and I leave you all with this nice picture of a bed and a cup of latte:

I know it doesn’t have a direct relation to lingerie but it makes me smile and that’s reasonable enough to put in my blog.

Today’s post was a little relaxed, so I hope you enjoyed my good mood and the lingerie!

Lazy Days