I Took Someone for a Bra Fitting!

I am back.

ee-hee, it was a fun time

I had internet problems during my vacations, and it made me pretty angry for a while, but since I was in Miami Beach having a nice time, I decided to take vacations from the blog, as I was unable to write, and come back with news later. Now I am back and ready for this new year, which will be Under the Unders’ second year and my 20th year (actually, I turn twenty today, the 13th. Isn’t that exciting?). I hope it will be a great year and I have the intention of keeping the blog updated and with lots of nice pictures and good content.

Back to the main topic, while I was in the city, I took my mother and a friend to get fitted at Intimacy, located on Aventura Mall. They both wanted to shop at Victoria’s Secret, obviously because of the store’s different options and low price (specially on the Semi Annual Sale). Knowing that Victoria’s Secret has probably one of the worst fitting services on the US, even though they got my sizing almost right -I could be a band or two smaller, but I actually feel pretty comfortable in a 32D-, I decided to take both of them to real fitters before they shopped.

Each one went a different day and got fitted with a different person, but they both were middle-40s women that never got fitted. The fitting method was the same, and I got to write one of them down, apart from taking some pictures of the bras and store (since I wanted to preserve the women’s identity, I didn’t take pictures of them), in an experience I am about to describe now, for the ones interested in bra fitting and for the ones who would like to know how a fitter works.

The store shopping bags. Bras are quite expensive there, but the fitting job is really awesome.

Arriving in the store, we were received with smiles and may-I-help-you? faces, for whom I said we wanted to have a fitting. So, the fitter took us inside to one of the fitting rooms, where the lightning was pleasant, and explained that they did not used measuring tapes. Asking what size the customer usually worn, I helped providing the information on what did a brazilian size meant (42=34B, 44=36B and so on), and the fitter explained to both of us they didn’t use measuring tapes, they would be trying on bras and fixing little problems so that the customer would eventually find the perfect bra.

Details of the fitting room

Following that logic, the fitter brought to the customer a 30E bra, a Marie Jo ‘Avero’, which was clearly too tight on the back, but just a tad big on the cups. She went away and brought a 32D, another Marie Jo ‘Avero’. The fitter on my first visit was keen to explain every step to us, but the one on the second seemed a little tired, so I was the one that explained to the customer, my friend, that she brought a different size, bigger on the back but a little smaller on the cups, and the letter changed because when we go up a number on the back, we must go down a letter on the cup, although she did went a letter down, because after the D, there is the DD bra. I thought this second woman could have had a little more care when talking to someone that never got fitted (I stated that on the beginning of the talk), but maybe she just forgot about it or assumed we knew it.

After trying Marie Jo’s bras, we ended up hanging them on the wall.

After concluding that a 32D was a good size for her (she was wearing a 34B when arriving, which is the Brazilian 42 size), the fitter proceeded to ask what kind of bras the customer would like to try. Since she was not looking for anything specific, the fitter was requested to bring something sexy that could be worn on a regular basis. Then, as the customer said she liked the model with push up, the fitter brought two Chantelle bras, the ‘Opera’ and the ‘Merci’. The Opera was her favorite, because of the lace details – and I agreed it looked really good.

Chantelle Opera bra, in dark grey.

They did have matching panties, which was good, and the color of the bra was a pretty easy color to match with other ones. Overall, I really like the experience in taking family and friends to get fitted. In addition to that, I guess that being inside the fitting room while that happened helped me understand a lot more about the process of fitting, which I intend to know more and more each time, since it’s exactly what the brazilian lingerie market need the most.

Chantelle Merci bra. Another great option, but more colorful.

Now my friend could easily buy at Victoria’s Secret. By having the correct number of her perfect bra, she can choose which model will she take, being comfortable in many styles, in a wide range of prices. It just took us a little step to another store, one with real experienced fitters – or at least some with knowledge of that subject!

You can visit Intimacy’s website and schedule your own fitting, if you wish so.

On that subject, I would like to link some of my friends articles on Victoria’s Secret bad fitting process:

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Miss Shapen’s Victoria’s Secret Crappy Fitting Techniques

I Took Someone for a Bra Fitting!

Comfortable but Pretty: Panties for Everyday.

I love panties. I could spend lots of time looking at my panties drawer and back to the mirror, trying to choose what I’m about to wear. It sound crazy, sometimes, but I know that when I’m wearing good underwear, my day turns a little better. 

However, there are days that I know I couldn’t wear thongs or any kind of panties that would make me slightly uncomfortable. It can be because I’m moody, it can be sadness, it can be growing hair or just the desire to feel as comfortable as possible. On those days, I look at my drawer and am absolutely thankful for my comfortable panties, specially the beautiful ones, because I really like the idea of feeling good without the sacrifice of wearing dull undergarments.

So, I thought I should share with you some of these, because I know you are crazy about panties too, and well… why not? We all have those days when we need a cup of tea/hot chocolate, a hug and pretty but comfortable panties. And just as a reminder: click on the image to get on the website!



I have one exactly like this. I find it very cute.

I bought these by accident (kind of). Searching for a sleeping shirt at a gap store, they were at sale and I am a lingerie freak. So I bought three. And I can assure you, I will buy more when I get to a Gap store again, because they are the most wonderful things. I find that lace give a nice touch to undergarments, I feel cute and sexy when wearing and I don’t even remember that I have panties on. Besides, the range of colors and models is really big so you can choose which one to wear, matching or mismatching a bra or your outerwear, in the style you feel more comfortable.


Victoria’s Secret PINK

Yes, I do love when they have funny things written. I bought one recently that looks like Wonder Woman’s underwear and I’m amazed by it.


Victoria’s Secret have a lot of issues, is not news to anyone that knows a little about lingerie. I feel no shame to admit, however, that I do like some of their stuff, specially the PINK ones. My drawer is full of their panties, because they are really, really comfortable. May not be the sexiest thing ever, so I don’t exactly wear them on a night out or when I wanna feel like a burlesque queen, but yes, I do love to have funny things written in my bum, or bright colors under my jeans. Whenever I travel outside Brazil, I know it’s time to change some of my panties, so I take advantage of the cheap price on these and buy some (at least 5, to be honest, since buying 5 is cheaper than buying 3!).


Miss Crofton

Miss Crofton offers high-waisted options, so if you like this style, I would highly recommend trying the brand.

I am a student, so low budget is an item I take in account when buying panties. I have been given the opportunity to try a Miss Crofton set and I definitely put it in my beautiful-and-comfortable list, but I couldn’t buy more to say I have a collection. I can completely agree that the price is worth, since they are all handmade and I thing we should be buying more from independent designers. Anyway, Georgia’s garments are lovely, the bras being as comfortable as the panties and the styles absolutely beautiful. 



Kittens! I have one with birds and one with colored dots. They are all so cute.

I am a Topshop lover. When it comes to panties, this is no different, since they are cheap and the nicest thing ever. The prints make me more amazed, and the price -even when shopping in Brazil’s Topshop!- is really nice, absolutely compatible to the garment they offer. Having tons of styles, models and prints, I am always caught by the chiffon ones. The lace brazilians are amazing, too, but not as comfortable as this. Hint: I buy it one size bigger so it’s even better!


I hope you find my tips really useful, since, as I stated above, I understand the need of comfortable things, but can’t cope with ugly ones. Do you have your own favorite brand for these panties? How do you feel about this situation and what do you have in your panties drawer to get through these days?

Comfortable but Pretty: Panties for Everyday.

Sex it up

Last week, I was reading an old article I published called “(Don’t) Sex it up”, in which I tried to distance lingerie from sex to show that it was not the only relation, that lingerie can be related to beauty and empowerment. Then, I decided that I wanted to do the opposite. Because although I think is important to defend a movement for lingerie being seen as something other than pleasing someone else, is important to relate this to sex as well. Sex is important.

Since my early teenager years, sex was seen as a bad thing. Something I should not allow just any guy to have access too, something prohibited, dirty, wrong. And this is not because I was raised into a very conservative family -because they were not that extreme. Is just because media, friends and all the things we hear when we are growing up pass this message to us. It’s ironic, even, to see how women are sexualized on the media and how this passes the same message to girls: sex is wrong. Lindsay, from the blog that je ne sais quoi, put together some of her thoughts and great pictures about how she feels about sex, bondage and lingerie.

Lindsay with on of her harnesses. Picture by Lydia Hudgens.

When I was in 6th grade (I was 12), we had one trimester of reproduction and sex studies in science class. On the first day of the subject, the teacher asked us to write anonymous questions on papers and she would answer. One -or some, probably, I don’t remember exactly- asked if women could masturbate or discover their bodies as much as man. When I was 12, I actually never thought about it, and on the event of the class I was probably ashamed to be thinking about it, but now I look at it with sorrow. Basically, while 12-years-old boys were encouraged to have a penis, 12-years-old girls were encouraged to hide the fact that they were starting to grow breasts. Just take a look at how ridiculous this is.

Now that I’ve set the scene, we should talk about lingerie.

Underwear, as much as any fashion segment, has different brands with different views and objectives. Most of them (I’d say all, but let’s not generalize that much, I may not know everything about the market) focus on making women feel good, considering aspects such as comfort and aesthetic. And sexiness. Either this so called sexiness is portrayed in the usual please-your-cis-hetero-boyfriend way or in a please-yourself-first way, is an important aspect. Because when it comes to intimacy, to being close to your body and your private parts, it’s natural to be related to sex.

Gisele Bundchen is, as the image says… sexy. (at Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2006)

Before I continue, I’d like to state my opinion about the point above. I think it’s important, considering women’s self-esteem and view of themselves on today’s society, to focus on their pleasure before her partner’s. You see, by today we should have all realized that women are not only made to give pleasure but to feel good on relationships and sexual intercourse as well. Fair enough to remember that when lingerie shopping, right? Let’s forget the “Your boyfriend are going to love it” (oh, the heteronormativity.) and focus on the “You look so good! If you feel this confident and have a partner, i’m sure he/she are going to love your posture and your lingerie!”.

There are, however, different types of focus that can be found on lingerie, when talking to sex. Some prefer the classics, some prefer something more playful, some prefer vintage patterns and garments. And some prefer erotic clothing. Myself, as an admirer of good fashion and wearer of nice pieces (when I afford them), really like erotic-styled lingerie. The feeling of the prohibited, of the boundaries crossed, fills me with astonishment. And that’s why I find amazing when I see some brand -or store, like Coco de Mer– taking sexuality and erotica in such a natural and graceful way.

Lascivious 2013 campaign. Now that’s exciting.

Of course, some people don’t relate to this particular style because it seems a little too explicit, or even rough. This is very personal, and I respect every opinion and taste regarding to lingerie, fetish and sex. As long as it’s legal and consensual, of course. However, I must admit I feel great to see pieces, themes, campaigns, brands, pieces and etc. with such sexual freedom, specially if they are not focused, as I said, on the men/partner pleasure, but on the pleasure a woman can take from pleasing her partner.

Playfulness between a cis-hetero couple (assuming they are cis, as I can’t know but imagine this was the idea behind this Darkest Star campaign) can be seen as erotic without being degrading to any part.

Darkest Star, as the image above stated, is one brand I admire very much, although I don’t have any pieces by them. They make beautiful art focused on only one thing: bondage. This is interesting and I must say their belts are so beautiful that I wish I had one to use as outerwear. And underwear, when I feel like a bad girl.

Making fine, or luxury pieces with sexual themes -some of them being fetish related- is a good way to make sex distant from the “dirty, wrong” thing seen in our adolescence. Some cheap (and I don’t mean the price, here, but the quality and aspect) pieces, in my opinion, contribute to the shame women historically have of talking about their intimacy.

That’s why some lingerie stores choose not to expose their fetish garments and sex toys together with their usual lingerie pieces. This caught my attention in Etham, when I was in France. They had a little place really nice for women who wanted to buy this kind of items. It’s a nice idea, I reckon, because as I stated, is still complicated for some women to take sex as a natural and beautiful thing, some of them even get offended by it.

My favorite fetish-inspired piece and ultimate wishlist item: Bordelle’s Bondage Angela Dress

So, this idea seems pretty strange to some, but even if you consider yourself a submissive in sexual therms, there is empowerment on getting your Dominant/Master to deal with your submission. And that is sex, pure sex. Lingerie that follows this idea makes me happy, as much as any form of art that takes sex as a beautiful part of life.

Lingerie, as I said before and will continue to say every time, must make you feel good. It will give you power if you want that, it will give you gracefulness if you want that. It will turn you into whatever kind of woman you feel like being – and any kind is ok, I swear, you don’t have to be like anyone says you should, you should just feel good in your skin.

Let’s celebrate our sexual freedom by wearing beautiful things and giving pleasure to ourselves, our partners or anyone else we feel like giving – because we have that right. Shall we?

Fraulein Kink is, as they say, made for pleasure. I agree.

What’s your opinion on this subject and these garments?

Sex it up

UK Lingerie Trip

A funny picture of myself in Camden Town, today. London is an amazing place.

So, this is about to be a little post with plenty of photos and a bit about how my first days in London have been. I won’t be telling details about everything related to my trip because I guess just the lingerie parts are important (since this is, obviously, a lingerie blog).

First of all, I met Mira from Lost in Lingerie. She and her parter are absolutely lovely, we had a great time together. We got to talk about our lives, lingerie plans, I saw a preview of the next photoset that will be on her blog, we laughed a lot and I ate something delicious.

Mira and I after brunch, on St. Pancras railway. Beautiful place, sweet people.
Mira and I after brunch, on St. Pancras railway. Beautiful place, sweet people.

After that, I went to the famous Oxford Street for a walk and some shopping. I knew that Victoria’s Secret was near there, so I stopped by because I needed a bra that wasn’t about to be expensive, I needed proper fitting and I needed lounge pants and soft, cheap, cute panties. Victoria’s Secret may not have my favorite marketing strategy and I may not agree with all the magic that surrounds the idea of being an Angel (specially as I was a model before and I have felt how hard this is), but I really like some of their pieces and the smell of their body washes.

The back of the wings worn by Doutzen Kroes in 2011 in the Ballet section
The back of the wings worn by Doutzen Kroes in 2011 in the Ballet section

Therefore, I entered the big store and, after a few minutes mentally screaming “OH MY GOD” to the Angels outfits exposed, got to the fitting rooms for a proper fitting. As I’ve been measured as a 34B by a VS lady a while ago, I wasn’t very sure about the pink measuring tape they had around their neck. But the method they used was really nice, as a matter of fact. The lady measured my back and came to the conclusion that I was a 32 (something I already knew, since the band on the 34 was too large). Then, she started on a B cup and I tried it on, even though I was sure that I was a C cup. Then, she brought me a C cup and… it was too small. Maybe my boobs got bigger as I put on some weight (yay!), maybe they were always like this and I had never noticed. However, I tried on the next cup size and it fits just perfect. I can finally assume that I am a 32D girl.


That stated, I bought a basic black bra (oh, not all VS styles come in this size. I wanted one from the PINK section because they are comfortable and cheap, so I could only find one), a lounge pant in this dark blue shade which I loved and some panties. And I got a PINK dog, which is lovely. Is my second dog (they are cute! you can tell that I get excited with these silly stuff because I can’t get in touch with them home, only when I’m abroad).

Sometimes, I like sexy panties. Sometimes, I like funny ones.
Sometimes, I like sexy panties. Sometimes, I like funny ones.

Then, on the next day, I got tired of funny patterns and cotton. I walked to the nearest Agent Provocateur store and, as they were on sale, I could buy a whole lingerie set. Normally, I would only have money for a bra, or maybe a bra and some panties that did not match. But not this time. The lady that helped me was absolutely sweet and we ended up having a good time trying on bras on me. Her middle name, by coincidence, was Manuela! I got caught between this set and a bright pink one. I thought for a bit and decided that I already had enough black things (besides the fact that I am probably going to get some more tomorrow…), so I would go for the bright pink and red one. And so I did!

The chosen one. I really, really love this. It's totally out of my comfort zone.
The chosen one. I really, really love this. It’s totally out of my comfort zone.

I am still going to buy stockings to match this set full of satin and lace, and tomorrow I have time to visit some other stores. I will be sure to take more pictures and share them all with you!

UK Lingerie Trip

Good day, sunshine!

Yesterday was a holiday over here, Saint George’s day (or São Jorge, as we call it). It was a beautiful, sunny day, and as I live very near to the beach, I thought I could hang out there for a while. Drawing and thinking about what should I write, this passed in front of me, something that happens every time I go to the beach.

It’s cheap, I love the patterns and they fit beautifully.

Although we have these bikinis, sold at the beach, at a very popular price (and they are amazing, really!), we do have more sophisticated brands. Brazilians, as you must imagine, has a unique bikini fashion sense. We wear swimwear that is smaller on the back, I can bet you know this. Some may think we show too much, but it’s part of our culture.

This bikini, by the brazilian brand Blue Man, should be available by November. I can’t wait!

Anyway, since summer is coming to half of the world (and since it seems to be always summer, here), I thought I could choose some of the best swimwear pieces that have been presented.

Here they go:

– OYE Swimwear Shaw Commercial maillot – $350

OYE Swimwear has my favorite onepieces. If only they were cheaper!

This season I’m totally in the mood for onepieces. Specially if they have some detail that makes it different from everything else. I haven’t seen anything like this around here, so I guess I’d be the only one looking this cool on the sand.

– Kriss Soonik Gone-Tanning bikini top – €65

It’s something that totally fits every beach in the world.

Kriss Soonik just -literally just- released it’s debut swimwear collection. This top was my favourite, because I could wear it with black or golden (or any other color, to be honest) bottoms. Even the ones I buy at the beach, as you saw on the first image! And the straps are so versatile!

– Victoria’s Secret ruched-back bikini bottom ($18,50-24,50) and triangle halter top ($26,50-32,50)

I really think the PINK section is pretty fun!

So, yes, I reckon that Victoria’s Secret follows the totally american standarts when talking about bikini. Still, this one looks simple-but-lovely. Specially the one featured on the picture, with all this sparkle. And the ruched-back bottom comes in between the american and the brazilian bikinis, I guess. I’d wear this.

These were some of the pieces I likes the most. I really wish I found something vintage-inspired. When summer arrives here, I’m sure I’ll have many more alternatives, so I’ll be waiting until the end of the year to add more pieces to my small collection.

Did you like the pieces? Would you wear them all or you have some kind of preference? And, of course, what’s your opinion on the brazilian bikini? I’d love to know!


What do you need?

Some of the friends I eventually meet in the campus tell me they like my blog because “they never took the time to think about lingerie and they don’t understand a lot about it”. So, I thought I could make a small guide to the ones who would like to get introduced to a whole new world of loving what you wear under your clothing.

Yes, it’s a small list of items you might want to search for if you feel like you should love yourself and your underwear drawer a little more. After all, what’s not to love about it? Lingerie can make you feel good even on your worst days, it can work like the ultimate fantasy to yourself. And, even though this is not the main purpose of the pieces in my opinion, it can make you confident enough to be even more special to someone else.

But enough talking, let’s get to the unders. Here’s what you need if you actually never thought about undergarments. 


Plain bras and panties.

The Sascha bra by The Little Bra Company is plain and strapless. A must-have.

We all have those clothes that are a little see-through, and sometimes we just don’t want anyone to notice that we are wearing something great underneath them. Even the most glamorous women have plain -usually nude, but you might want to have it in black, blue, red…- bra and panties (apart from Dita von Teese, I guess, as she is the godess of glamour). 

A perfect-fitting bra means the underwire lies on your ribs, the back doesn’t run up or goes loose and the cup is totally filled. This will certainly get you comfortable during the whole day, making you feel nicely dresses. There is nothing worse than that feeling you get when something is not correctly fitted. Oh, and I guess you all can tell when your panties fit or not. They must be lying comfortably against your hips, not too tight!

Cotton is always a very good idea to you and your skin. This one by Eberjey.


Fun underwear

This DC comic inspired bra by the brazilian brand Thais Gusmao seems amazing to me!

Everyone has it’s on concept of fun, that’s for sure. But, in my opinion, every woman should have that pair of undergarments which make her laugh -or at least smile a lot- when in front of the mirror.

Bright colors are a good option for those who might feel that prints like the comic book one are not their style. But having something to smile for is essential to a happy existence. Well, at least that’s my motto.

This Ellen Macpherson’s set could surely make my day brighter!



La Perla’s Marchesa set is classically beautiful. Expensive, but amazing.

Lace is classic. Lace is innovating. Lace is for everyday. Lace is for a special occasion. Anyway you want your lingerie set to be, you can put some lace in it. And you should! It feels good on the skin, it makes you feel wrapped up in something beautiful and it can be worn everyday. I never got tired of lace, that I can guarantee you.

Hanky Panky is comfortable enough for everyday use but still gorgeous! Specially in different colors like this.

Besides, if you take the time to really look into what you are about to buy, you can find different types of lace. Every single one seem to have a different pattern and each better than the last! Of course, you can find laces like the chantilly one -very fine and delicate- or the guipure one -heavy, without a net-.

Amazing guipure lace by Fleur of England on their Jasmine balcony bra.


Beautiful Nightwear

I’ve been in love for the Stella McCartney’s chemise for a while, now.

Sleeping can be fun, I’m pretty sure you know that. But waking up in a nice gown or comfortable pijamas is an amazing feeling, and maybe by getting a beautiful piece you can make that monday morning better. Notice I didn’t say you’d make the monday morning good, but being wrapped in silk can be good even when you are hating the alarm clock! 

Just be sure not to get too cold or too hot clothes, because you must be very relaxed to have a good night! Having pijamas for winter and camisoles for summer can be a good option!

Sometimes, my best friend calls me to get my Victoria’s Secret pijama pants borrowed. True story.



Wolford does a good job on making some quality hosiery!

You wear it, everyone wears it. But choosing some good tights, hold ups or stockings can be very important for an outfit, as they are going to be shown. Remember to never wear torn up hosiery! It makes you look poorly dressed even if you are wearing haute couture.

Maybe you like the ones with patterns, or maybe you prefer thigh-highs with garter belts. That you will figure out by trying them on, and looking at yourself. And it’s an amazing thing to do: observe! See what fits you best and what makes you look even better.

Agent Provocateur’s “Whip me, bite me, eat me, tease me”. My favourite piece of hosiery ever couldn’t be out of here!


A Robe

La Lilouche takes love to a whole new level.

After bath, or just before sleep. Maybe on that lazy sunday when waking up. In every occasion, having a robe or two can be a nice way to be dressed without being dressed.

I just love chilling in my robes, specially the satin ones. They feel beautiful on the mirror and soft on the skin. Lovely!

Agent Provocateur makes boudoir even more amazing with this. French lace, marabou feathers… beautiful.

Something erotical

Bordelle’s Angela dress. That’s something that fits, for me.

Now, that’s hard because it’s very personal. In my opinion, you should have in your closet something that makes you feel like a sex godess just by putting it on. Even if you don’t like wearing it under common clothes, even if you don’t have a partner. The whole aspect of “prohibited” that sex has is good, in some way, because the thrill of doing something you are not allowed to, or being a bad girl is positive (just in some cases, let’s please not go breaking any laws).

So, it’s a psychological exercise, this one. Think about what piece of lingerie you would put and instantly be sexual. No, not sensual, really sexual. Maybe it’s just a bright red set, maybe it’s something with restrains, or leather. Anything you want, just let yourself admire the naughty from inside.

For the ones who love latex, Pleasurements have some beautiful ones.


What do you think of my suggestions? Would you add something else? What are your must have lingerie pieces?

What do you need?

Lazy Days

Miss Crofton. The best of laziness.

As much as I love getting all dressed up -with makeup and high heels- I am, in fact, a great mass of laziness. I adore long naps, lazy food and being lazy with other people. And although some lingerie can cause a bit of a trouble (this trouble is often related to some amazing perks, so it’s totally worth it), some of them are made to be easy, soft and relaxing. Or at least they look like it.

Unwired bras, soft fabrics, nice colors. I can totally relate to that on a lazy day like today. Along with a nice cup of green tea with lemon (my favourite) and light biscuits or maybe a latte and a big piece of chocolate (I’ll go for this one), these are some pieces I feel in love when talking about getting wrapped up in a blanket and listening to my favourite band (which is, just so you know a little more about me, Belle & Sebastian)

“The sun is up, the sky is blue…” Fleur of England can make any day bright.

Fleur of England Lemon Cello Babydoll – £128

Eberjey Madeleine Bralet – $55

Stella McCartney Clara Whispering Shorts – $105

Topshop Mini Panty (any of them, they are amazingly comfortable and pretty) – £4

Lazy and misterious (and beautiful) Miss Crofton.

Miss Crofton Rhosyn Lingerie Set – £45

Mc Lounge Silk Chiffon Gown – £170 @The Lingerie Collective

Victoria’s Secret Afterhours Satin Pijamas – $69,50 (I love the red and pink one, so pretty!)


So, I guess I should get some rest now, since I am still feeling lazy and tomorrow I have plenty of things to do (and none of them relates to resting). I hope the pieces I chose today brought you a grin and I leave you all with this nice picture of a bed and a cup of latte:

I know it doesn’t have a direct relation to lingerie but it makes me smile and that’s reasonable enough to put in my blog.

Today’s post was a little relaxed, so I hope you enjoyed my good mood and the lingerie!

Lazy Days